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Shrub Monkeys 127

My sister :iconhesbell: may be young but she is full of wise insight and always sets me straight! And if you're thinking the whole reason I drew this strip was to make you look at my old jiggly booty in a Darkstalker's Felicia costume YOU ARE RIGHT! And you cannot unsee it bahaha!

If you check out this comic on GIRLAMATIC you can see photos of us in costume! [link]
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Oh god. Oh god. This is something I know a lot of my friends would do at a old, crotchety age. Cosplayers no no shame. ;3
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:icongermanywtfplz: Heaven help that grandchild and his scarred memory, along with 500 others' memories. :icontherethereplz::iconsupertighthugplz: It will be all right with several years of therapy. Sshh.
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medusa, AND erika!!!! i just for got how to breath
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that would be a dream come true.
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Filed under "it's funny cuz it's true"
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Now. That's imagery that's gonna stay in me for a while. A WHILE. O_o
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*jaw drop* eyes that sound of those old jiggly booty rang forever in my mind......
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SOULEATER!!!!!! :iconlaplz: I frikkin' love that junk.
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Anytime I feel this way I go and read this costume. It helps (:
wolfrunner326's avatar
Soul eater cosplay FTW :D
tetsuko-evans's avatar
xD Dressed up like the witches of Soul Eater! Medusa and the lil' frog girl!
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I have to admit, this is one of my favorite comics. I know that sounds so wrong, but I love this one, next to the one where Shagster gets his nose munched by Puzzle. :XD:
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Thanks so much :D
Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!
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ANNNND did she mention how gorgeous you are and could pull off any of those slutty [insert character] costumes any day!
Black-Panda-Chan's avatar
That last panel is gonna be stuck with me for a LONG time >XD
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DDDDDD: that last panel! hahaa
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lol, so true, so true! XD
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Go rockin' 50 year old cat lady who knows no boundaries!
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