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Ah yes, the magical flashlight reading fort. I was hit with a bit of nostalgia thinking about my childhood... did any of you guys have those giant yellow playskool colour changing flashlights back in the day? [link] (Looking at the photo reference now I see that I drew it totally wrong in panel 2, but I was going from memory, so it was MORE PURE dammit!!)

I used it in my reading fort all the time. The light would keep dimming from eating up batteries, and my arm would shake from the strain of holding it up all night, fingers grasping the "on button" in a sweaty death grip, but it came with sweet colour changing options! When reading comics it was set to plain white for the normal sequences/pages, "green" for weird story parts or "red" for action or frightening scenes. Gooooood times. GOOD TIMES.

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VglyBxy's avatar
Ahaha, I know this one ^^
Nestharon's avatar
Childhood memories are mostly the best.
KahlanAmnell123's avatar
I laughed at this so much hahaha thanks for making my day!
RS-Kyra's avatar
Gerry sleeps in his hat?
stevensylvia20's avatar
You have beautiful hair and cute little feet - and does your boyfriend ever take off his hat?
OneLittleWitch's avatar
i used to keep my sister up because we shared a room and she could see the light under the was a little like Goob and Lewis in Meet The Robinsons.
AliyaLiadan's avatar
I had that flashlight. It was my best friend.
haneuli's avatar
lol he goes to sleep with a hat on? lool
babblingbrookebutler's avatar
ur fiance is sexy...or is it husband....whatevs
Grimsrasatoas's avatar
those things are amazing. i wish mine still worked
gant12000's avatar
my girlfriend took all the batteries after i tried your solution. then i caught the blanket on fire when i switched to candle light, so i got my batteries back and third degree burns. victory
DukeDragoon's avatar
You must really hate mondays.
peppermeek's avatar
I still have my grey color-changing flashlight~. I should put some new batteries in it and take it to collage with me xD

(and your boyfriend sleeps with his hat on???)
pmaestro's avatar
omg genius, i'll have to try that!
AnimedGirl's avatar
C: man... im only 12 and you're making me feel all nostalgic...
Bubbls's avatar
I HAD THAT FLASHLIGHT, AND I WOULD NEVER LET GO OF IT. And and and I would almost suffocate in my fort every time because there was limited air flow and it would get very stuffy very fast haha!

*cough* Maybe I was a bit too enthusiastic there... But thanks for making my day over and over again! C:
AngelFromHungary's avatar
I did that too...XD Who didn't? :-p
QueenofMuttonchops's avatar
CandiedJellyfish's avatar
I used to do that too.
ShinigamiRae's avatar
*giggles* thats me! :D
valoncia's avatar
i love it how your fiancé is always wearing a hat. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand i love this strip. i find it soothing (is that correct?) when i do something that i used to do in my childhood... :)
ktshy's avatar
knightJJ's avatar
hahathis is so cool
my mom told me she did the same thing when she was little, but one time her blanked almost catched on fire ..heh.. XD
The-Jedi-Ninja's avatar
If it makes you feel any better, the torch you drew in the 2nd panel looks just like a torch I had as a child. :D
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