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May 14, 2011
The suggester says, "I absolutely LOVE Shrubmonkeys. I wish I could suggest the entire series as a DD, but I'll settle for just this strip. The drawings are wonderful and the expressions are just fantastic. I also love the little twist at the end, too!"
Shrub Monkeys 125 by *ktshy
Featured by kangel
Suggested by WindieDragon
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Shrub Monkeys 125

Ahh, it’s that time of year again, when the sun and creepy crawlies come out in full force. But I’ll take a couple spider webs in the face if it brings an end to our long, dreary, grey Canadian winters.

EDIT: OH MAN! Thanks so much for the DD ~WindieDragon and ^kangel :D I am truly honoured!

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LioraLaeticia16's avatar
Wow, didn't see that coming 😂😂
Pisces--Dreamer's avatar
They're coming for me!!!! I swear I didn't destroy your homes, it wasn't me!!!
Cat-lin's avatar
HAHAHA! This makes me laugh so hard!
missing-shadow's avatar
Everywhere i look, SPIDERS. It's like they're plotting against me ;A;
RosytheCat's avatar
...April showers bring May spiders?

.../shudder Oh God, the creepies!

-- Rosy the Cat
Phantoms-Rose14's avatar
nightdrive23's avatar
The sad part is...that is me right there. I HATE spiders.
RulerofMyMind's avatar
They're always in MY room and MY bathtub. Never see them anywhere else in the house. It probably doesn't help that my room is the basement.
AJE56's avatar
PawsOfJustice's avatar
Ergh! It's been raining here - in the SUMMER! *ergh!*
hpholo's avatar
EEW Now I'm going to be checking my jackets for spiders every time I put them on. :lol:
ToxicKandyKitten's avatar
omg.. i know those evil lil buggers then coming along are the centipedes and the flies :P
AnbuCaptainMasters's avatar
shit.. I HATE spiders.... if that happened to me, I would probs pass out. -shudder-
Faerygrl's avatar
LMFAO! They're like gremlins! D8
Hikari651's avatar
Hikari651's avatar
Great* (I missed a letter >.<)
AnnestasiaMonaLisa's avatar
now that it's summer I find spiders in my room EVERY DAY!! O.O
Loner29's avatar
That's bad when you've got millions of spiders coming out of your jacket.
heavenlyhot's avatar
HAHAHAHA!!!! Omg!!! This is worse than me and the mouse!!!!! But to be fair I wasn't expecting a mouse to when I opened up to grab pasta so I think my reaction was completely sane... Even if it did involve me running screaming out the door to my sisters house two doors down and hiding under a blanket.... It's completely reasonable.

Maseiya's avatar
Something like this happened to me as a little kid--it's how I came to be arachnophobic! >_<
Spike-the-echidna's avatar
We sprayed a redback nest in our backyard once, and that last panel is EXACTLY what happened. My mum and I ended up getting chased down the driveway by this massive female one... was scary!

But now we laugh about it :D
Bigbenhoward's avatar
Oh wow, that's awesome. We have that same problem at my work. Since we maintainers work outside so much, we get very attuned to the weather and all the cycles it brings.

We know it's Spring because we have flying spiders covering everything with their silk, even us! You can't walk around without getting spider silk and the spiders themselves on you.

Next comes the caterpillar hordes...
I'd gladly take dreary, grey and cold weather forever if it meant that I would never have to face a single spider again. One of those is enough to send me screaming for help and seeking refuge with my mom or dad and that when my 20th birthday id in less than a month.
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