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Shrub Monkeys 124

Last Saturday was the "World Wide Sketch Crawl "[link] a day where tons of artists escape from their studios and dark office spaces to wander around the outside world, blinking in the sunlight, and drawing whatever comes across their path. Despite the distractions described in this comic I actually managed to get a couple sketches done, which you can check out on my blog! [link]

My first comic of 2011 this is also the first Shrub Monkey strip done entirely with ink and brush, fun times!

:sunnysideup:Read the entire Shrub Monkeys archive on! [link] :sunnysideup:

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RS-Kyra's avatar
Your boyfriend/husband/thing is really, really chill isn't he?
Andharian's avatar
You should make this into a proper series!
Just like Archie comics, have a book published of unseen short stories with your Shrub monkeys characters!
I bet it'd sell O:
BluMo0n's avatar
That's so funny and it describes most people perfectly. XD
laughinguy's avatar
:iconobjectionplz: I VOW TO RE-ENACT THE SECOND PANEL IRL!! And fail just the same.
boycrazybaby123's avatar
hee hee, your so funny XD
kanzeNatsume's avatar
i would've done the same - given I had money to spend D:
fibralo's avatar
so true so true.
Daenerys240's avatar
I used to get sooo distracted by sales and shops when I went out, so I actually leave my wallet at home now and maybe bring like $20 along with me so I can't really shop :XD: Love those faces in the 2nd panel btw!
hisako's avatar
lol..i can't draw anything in public it freaks me out :(
InYuJi's avatar
Etsu-koi's avatar
so true... orz
This is really great! xD
cesca-specs's avatar
AHAHAHAH. LOVE the stalking panel. Awesome.
DSil's avatar
Did you buy the exact same hat Hes always wears? That's a tacky move, older sister. I like how serene your boyf is in the face of all your antics.
silvertyphoon7's avatar
god i love that face on the second panel.
emilyhann's avatar
you ventured outside your dwelling in the winter, with the prospect of getting shit done? You're brave, girl.
Also, I like your package in the third panel. Sexy. Hot. Cool.
Minky-For-Short's avatar

mainly because its true >3>
Anebrd's avatar
this comic made me smile because I too have fail and fail good.
melivillosa's avatar
jajajajjaajja i do the same this week
thanhs's avatar
MadHatterBata's avatar
pftahahahhahah amazing
Skylarkien's avatar
My friend started sketchign me in the library the other day. I guess this was why . . .
jiko29's avatar

Of course, I love all the shrub Monkeys...

You're really loving the ink, huh? XD
Psychotime's avatar
Panel 2. Just...panel 2.
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