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Kt Drawing Tutorial 01 UPDATED


Quite a few folks have been asking me to put some art tutorials together, so HERE YOU GO! Let me know if anything is unclear or if it feels like there's a step missing. I tried to be as thorough as possible but if I've missed out something TELL ME and I'll happily go back and revise this tutorial to better help you guys out :)

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This...Is amazing, I'm totally doing this.
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I just realized the other day that my scanner scans things with a blueish tone. I guess it might have to do with the color of the lamp it uses...
Anyway, I found that out when I was trying to make my pencils darker and the white of the paper pure white. I moved the "shadows" slider on the Levels pallette all the way to the right and the whole page turned blue, except for my pencils.
Then I thought maybe I could just go on and copy the BLUE channel. And so there it was... just the pencils, and nothing of the paper texture.

If that happens with you too, maybe you'd want to try changing your initial sketch color to blue. Hopefully you'll end up with a cleaner digital copy of your drawing.

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Where did you get that scanner and how much is it?
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I figured it out wit my Photoshop and it worked! Thanks KT!
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GENIUSSSSS. Hahah the removing-the-red-channel thing seems so damned obvious, and yet...
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Hey i've been trying to find a computer for drawing and i see you have a wacom so i was wondering what computer the name, is it just a screen or an all in one computer? and what was the price range?
SORRY! if these questions sound strange! i love the girl you drew in the picture too! thanks so much!
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The wacom isn't it's own computer you'll need a computer to attach it to. I use an imac but just about any computer or laptop should be fine!
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This tutorial is really helpful. And thank you for going so much into details, makes it easier to understand. :3
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I can't wait to stare at this in more detail when I get back home! Thanks so much for making this!
Sphinx-of-Akhenaten's avatar
I love your tutorial~ super helpful <3
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Thank you, your inks are always gorgeous and there is some priceless tips in there!
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Gorgeous inks
Vulpixkat's avatar
You rock so much!
This will help me out alot, this way I'm not wasting so much paper and time. X3
madamenanas's avatar will be helpful! Thank you for posting!
kleonardillustration's avatar
cool! :D thanks for making this :)
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This is very very useful! It will help me a lot.
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inking from the elbow and shoulder really works! thanks for that ;)
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Whoops... by "copying the red channel" assume that I said "any other channel but the red". *blushes*
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Oh, I just read part 2 and I realised one other thing: You don't actually need to copy the Red Channel as a Layer like I said previously. Just copy and paste it as a new channel (you can drag it down to the "new channel" icon at the bottom of the Channels pallette), then invert (cmd+i). You have your selection channel saved.
Then you can create a new black Layer and mask it with that selection Channel and delete the layer with your original scanned drawing (or fill it with white).

Maybe you could automate this with an Action so you'd have everything done with the click of one button.

Hope this helps you go through that step even faster.
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I am definitely trying that out, actions make life so much easier.
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There are so many replies here so maybe somebody's already said this, but just in case:
Why don't you just copy the Red Channel and paste it onto a new Layer, over the scanned drawing? Then you wouldn't need to convert to Grayscale and reconvert back to RGB. It's just one step.

On inking vs. digital: Just yesterday I was looking at some old b&w Buscema drawings (from a wolverine trade that i have) and admiring how smooth those lines are. Now I think that so much of that is lost in modern comics, because they usually make the black inked drawing 1-bit (or is it 2-bit?), in other words, only black and white, not grayscale. So it's all full of jaggies. I'm not sure if that happens when you have a grayscale drawing digitally printed, instead of using a photographic method... do you feel that you lose some of the smoothness of the inked page?

Lastly, lemme just say something I was thinking when I visited your profile page:
Whatever you do, you always manage to put a smile on my face.

Thanks for EVERYthing!
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Hey there! Thanks so much for pointing that out, I'll give it a try next time. I'm pretty much just figuring this out as I go along so any time saving tips are AWESOME! But yeah, I've found I can never get as clean a black line as I'd like when scanning in inks, may have something to do with bitmap verses greyscale, but I can never completely get rid of the jaggies. I like to overcompensate by scanning in at very high resolutions.

And thank you! :)
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omg I actually learned something useful and new today! you're super awesome Kt <3
most tutorials would just keep babbling about things I already know but this, this is so new and fresh!
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