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For the sketch_daily drawing challenge on twitter.
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So much attitude :D
This is better than 2015 Jem Movie. Period... 👍👍👍👍👍👍 GOTTA LOVE 80's JEM! SHES TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS!
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If only deviations had volume..outside of hair that is!
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Brace yourself, because here it comes, as I am certain that NOBODY has said this yet.
This is.. TRULY....   ....      ... . ..    OUTRAGEOUS.
I LOVE this, for real, this is fantastic. Them legs, good heavens. <3 and that expression is fantastic.
SaionixFiction's avatar
no one else is the same.
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Oh wow, that's amazing!
Rai-Knightshade's avatar
*Now going to follow you because of your awesome Sailor Moon and Jem artwork. :D*
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I still remember her. Not the animation, but the Halloween costume my mom made for me (just the belt) and she found buble gum pink hair paint. yeah. I feel old now.
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Ktshy drawing Jem! I'm surprised the universe didn't implode with awesome and I'm so glad I got to see this! :D I was a total Jem nut growing up - love iiiit.
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This is awesome, every time I try to draw a singer belting it out it never looks strong enough, yours is so strong and so well done, I love it.
guynshades1980srock's avatar
love that pose. the energy is amazing!
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How many times can you hear the "truly, truly outrageous" joke before it gets old?
The-Art-Claud's avatar
Truly, truly, truly outrageous!
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She aint no Misfit!
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Oh my gosh, I remember this!
Ratita-Roedora's avatar
Awesome, as usual =)
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the silhouette value of this pose is fantastic!
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Once you're a Jem girl, you're never the same
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That is Outstanding!
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