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Hourly Comics 2011

This past monday was “hourly comic day” where people are challenged to draw comics every hour depicting what’s going on in that hour. Maybe not the most exciiiiting and dramatic stuff takes place, but it’s a good challenge in trying to squeeze out a little bit of entertainment from of the day-to-day, and to draw as fast as humanly possible while still (hopefully) having your drawings come across clear and readable! :)

-mixed media, most panels drawn in my sketchbook with pencil and inked with tech-pen, some where drawn on the cintiq

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This was good. And the snow part, really made your day brighter ;p
Chaos, chaos, chaos the whole day... and then snow. It always has a calming effect. (Ffff, I miss snow).
Izzi1313's avatar
Haha very funny! :giggle:
i needed the laugh, so thanx!
redpennant's avatar
Totally know what you mean about Red Letter Media x__x If only he'd give up the creeper act, I'd love his reviews a lot... as it is I find it hard to bring myself to watch them. :T
whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa's avatar
I like the effects on you thre e eating.

gabglob yakidy smackidy.
DisneyPsycho's avatar
Haha, I LOVE Axe Cop! Glad I'm not the only one. XD
MacAyeal's avatar
This is cool.
nomicall's avatar
All of these are really cool. I wish I did that much in a day!
mooseyhat's avatar
But the creepy sketches in redletter media are AWESOOOME.
Neko-and-Koy's avatar
On Noes!Not the dreaded Snow-ma-geddon!
Arabellaten's avatar
"Snow-ma-geddon is a upon us!"
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
That was fun to read. :)
grind-universe's avatar
snurtz's avatar
haha that was adorable :D
Moreuse's avatar
ya have packed days.
Breeluff's avatar
Where do you get all these cool art ideas? I've never heard of hourly comic day. o3o its so awesome.
music-ninja's avatar
ajxksZGdickjzgxljgfkjzg YOu DO ART FOR FLIGHT!? The book series?!
VO87's avatar
the work sen with all the coffee cups made me really :lmao:
manbot47's avatar
loved all the eating panels. Such a look of simple bliss.
Joseph-Crow's avatar
I LOVE Axe Cop! :D
lylie-foak's avatar

When looking for the full movie of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on YouTube (because who among us isn't guilty of at least trying that) his reviews cropped up instead.

I have never enjoyed the internet more xD
Inkmo's avatar
also your comic on the star wars thing is too true
Inkmo's avatar
haha, just epic.
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