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Hourly Comic Day

Am I the last one to upload her hourlies...? Heeeeee ^u^' Hourly Comic Day is every Feb 1 where you (are supposed to) draw what you're up to every hour and share it. Good times! 
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Gerry ish yoor hubbeh? Curious 
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Thank you for posting this!  Hourly comic day looks like fun, and I will definitely participate when it comes around next year!
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Que hermosos comics! Haces muchas cosas en un dia, eres muy activa!
Hope you can understand what I have said lol xD
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these turned out so great- and kudos for belting out some Disney music!
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar

That looked like a fun day. Man, I haven't had dim-sum in such a long time! I hope I can find some this May when I go on vacation.

That Spanish lessons app made me curious. I wonder how it would respond to the pronunciation of an actual Spanish speaker.

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Lol! I do yoga via IPad as well! Awesome comics!
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AAAAH DAMMIT I forgot all about Hourly Comics Day this year!! Man, one of these days I'm just gonna do hourlies for the hell of it, I could seriously use the practice. And I'm lacking in the dedication department, too, so that definitely needs some work... These are really adorable, looks like you had a great day! Glad you could share!
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Ahh, Ktshy, I missed you!
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Love this! It's adorable. :D
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Not-Ellen-Page --> word
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Así que, estás estudiando español.
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I love your comics, good to see it!
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You don't accomplish much (work)
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I hate cringe humor. I'm just like that. "Oh god! It's so awkward I can't look!"
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I love your hourlies--hope you do it again next year!
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Wow, this is SO cute. You're hilarious! +Watching <3
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Not-Ellen-Page made me laugh far too much :D
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You know, while I live in a warm country, every winter the temperatures gets low enough to make me uncomfortably cold.
But at that point I remind myself, you guys have it so much worst......
DCum-ArtingStarvist's avatar
I'm so doing this next year! 
I only hope I end up having as interesting and fun a day as you did! :D
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Its fun to see so many artists do this challenge, and how relatively similar artists are to each other despite having different lives due to their shared passion!  :heart:  This looked like a fun day!
Oh cool. :D What thingy are you using to learn Spanish?
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I hadn't heard about Hourly Comic Day until today (a few days late, darn). Thanks for sharing your adorable comic! Looks like a fun thing to try. :)
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