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Just submitting this for a bit so you guys can see what the Geisha print looks like. This was done about five years ago now, my senior year in highschool, in pencil crayon and marker.

*edit* Okay I've moved it from scraps, lol. Kind thanks to the folks who told me to do so. Glad you like it!
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this is really good! :O
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Adore the ornaments all over kimono, colors are just stunning, great job!
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Wow i love the prints on her kimono! Looks like something right out of Memoirs of a Geisha (:
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Did you draw those designs in yourself?
That's a geisha!
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:O <--At a complete loss for words at the amazing, intricate, beautiful detail of the kimono in the picture.

WOW. Dangit, why doesn't my extensive kimono closet have something like this??? The fabric looks so...real! And the designs, and the hair...WOW, that's really all I can say.
Wow. What a gift you have. This is just beautiful!!!
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n_____n So pretty<3
Love the colors!
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very beautiful
I love it!
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Wow, this is really pretty. The color is amazing :D I have some Geisha on my profile.
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This is beautiful...
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you did that in high school?
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very nice and detailed ^^
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This is very impressive!
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This looks just like a little doll (minus the umbrella) that I wanted someone to get me since last july...she's still the store...not mine... D : Oh well this picture is really nice. :3
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Great colours and detail! :D
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That was highschool? Good golly Ms. Molly, you have reason to shout.
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Wow that is exceptionally beautiful. The shape and flow of the material is just right....(favourited!) ^__^
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uwaaahhh!!! how purtyfull!!!!! O_O :heart:
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how the hell have i not already favourited this??? D:
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