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Cold Feet


(if you see it anywhere that isn't by "ktshy" it is art theft :( )

A daily-doodle for's theme of "cold." =P

EDIT: Oh man! Looks like this drawing went viral on today with a spot on the front page, thank you to the fine folks who hang out over there! The plus of this is the hilarious BIZARRE edited images that some folk are putting together, check em out:

Raptor love:
Forever Alone meme:
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I do like this one. I'm sure everyone who has a partner can relate, too.

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Castlevania Season 3 brought me here
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Ah, the bliss of married life. 

"...and that's what you get for forgetting to put the laundry in the dryer the fifth time this  month!" 
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I saw this picture with text in German about warming up
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OMG.... I laughed my ass off when i saw this... Thank you so much for the laugh.. +fav
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This is soooo cute and hilarious! Definitely me and my hubby!
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I would love that to be done to me 😆
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If the haircolors were switched, this would be me and my husband 😁
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Jesus Christ, I didn't know this meme originated from DA
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hahahah the live of my hubby hahah Xrisoka
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zats true -.-''
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I think that wife is giving like a side on trollface XD
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This is cute.
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If I had a bf I'd do that to him too XD
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Oh God, yes! :D (Big Grin) The real war of the sexes in the bedroom! Nod 
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This Picture presented a total true Situation in the Bed with her Women and his Men: Great !!!
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i would love to have a playful wife like that 
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Man those feet must be frigid!
Soooo sweet! Wish I had a wive who would do this to me! :-)
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Love the expressions!
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