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Centaurworld! Dropping on Netflix July 30th (in 2 weeks!!)

Getting to be an episode director on this show was an absolute dream job. Incredible crew. Amazing cast. Beautiful story. Huge thanks to Megan Nicole Dong for inviting me along on the journey <3
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No friggin way! That’s so cool! Which episode did you get to direct?

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Wow cute, oh my- I love it ♥

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Welp I'm gonna go check that out and thanks for all these nerds. Especially the sheeptaur. Aw!

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I am a sucker for found-family dynamics and Centaurworld did it in the best way possible (The newest member got there kicking and screaming and still ended up unwittingly wrapped in it), I was hooked immediately.

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I am wanting Season 2 of Centaurworld so badly!

This show is too cute and surreal mix of Broadway Musical, Action Ghibli Anime, and MLP FIM cartoony world of Centaurs of all shapes and sizes. Horse and Wammawink are so cute! Also, The Centaurs are awesomely lovable too. Rider is also amazing as well. The Nowhere King is creepy in the best ways.

I love this show now along with Hilda, Kid Cosmic, Amphibia, and The Owl House.

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Just finished season one,

Loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!

Now I'm going forward to season two.

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Cute!! I loved this show so much I binge watched it all tonight haha

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Congrats! The show looks like it's going to be amazing so well done for being part of it!

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I can't wait for the show. The animation looks great and it's awesome having such a weird, niche out there cartoon.

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