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A doodle comic about my fashion habits

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It is said the depressed stop seeing bright color. I can verify it's true. Are you reserved? Don't like standing out?
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Haha, Everytime! But sometimes I throw in a color floral dress, then its back to the blacks and greys! :heart:
AntigoneBlack's avatar
Gray/grey is my favorite color...
ieZZdiZZlei's avatar
I have too many neutrals in my closet lol
EvolveTransform's avatar
Aww, haha, that's me. Totally. I need to show this to my husband, haha.
Whenever I try to bring colour into my wardrobe, it inevitably is the next thing I end up donating...
Yup, that's me, too. My friends and folks keep trying to get me into brighter colors, but I keep telling them that I look like a freaking sunflower whenever they try to trick me into yellow anything.

But the orange... A good Velma Orange I might negotiate with. Because, you know. Velma.
carrotstyx's avatar
This happens to me too - every single time! :D
nightmaric-melodies's avatar
Story of my life, aha!
dadothegreat's avatar
Nothing wrong with that. At least we're easy on the eyes. :XD:
TheAcciuga's avatar
Hahahaha I have the opposite problem..
PuppetBasket's avatar
everything is stripes!
Lelpel's avatar
hahaha - Right there with you - everything I own is blue… :) 
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
:lmao: Hey, stick with what works for you.
Miss-Mae's avatar
Ahaha, for me, it's shades of blue. ;)
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agiszszsz's avatar
i have... quite the opposite problem :crying:
That sums me up too!!! 
H-SWilliams's avatar
I always come home with bright orange t-shirts when I do that. :shrug: I don't even like orange that much.
dinshino's avatar
I think the only bright colors I have are reds and one cyan dress shirt.
Trencher7809's avatar
Yep, seems to be a pretty annoying recurring event while shopping.
the-TomatoBoss's avatar
HA Me too.
When I go to school wearing any color other than dark red, dark brown, grey, black, or sometimes white, people all start freaking like "OMG SHE WORE COLOR TODAY, IS THE WORLD ENDING???"
ThistleAtTheLibrary's avatar
This is pretty much my entire life.
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