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Vlas, OC

Let me introduce another OC from my story Vera's Fate.
His name is Vlas, he is originally from Kievan Rus, and he is 30 years old. Vlas's past is almost unknown, except that fact, he was serving Great Duke in Kiev, when he was younger. Later, Vlas gave up his positions and betrayed homeland, joined opposite forces, and now he is sharing borders with Mirza
His good sides:
-generous for his friends and helpers
-active person
-good humour, always in good mood
Bad sides:
-can easy change his mind about someone. i.e. those, who was his friends, suddenly became his enemies.
- ambitious in bad way, can do everything to achieve what he want

I am realized that I write about him and imagined him all that time, but never done for him even a sketch! So here it is, finally.

Drawing made by me from sketch and digital coloring ~  :iconktoya: ©2014 Ktoya
made in Inkscape (80 % all basic shading, lighting and coloring), postedited in PS (20% textures applying and retouch) ~ ©2014 Ktoya
Character, his background and story belongs to me too ~ ©2009-2014 Ktoya

PLZ NO USE!!!!!!

stock items:
MMD Naturae Eye Texture
Pinstripe Fabric Texture
Stock texture 26
 Hair Texture Pack 3
red chenille fabric texture
 Fabric Texture and Pattern Set

This artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published,
transmitted or uploaded in any way without my express written
permission. All rights reserved!
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© 2014 - 2021 Ktoya
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FreeToBeMeArt's avatar
Such a realistic portrait!
The way he's drawn is clasically noble, very handsome and I'm a sucker for detailed clothing on a man ;P
Ktoya's avatar
hehe thank you :meow: I love to draw men :D
SmlArt's avatar
splendid work! my weak spot is the eyes for sure *^* and the ears...damn those are like the best ears i've ever seen from this angle in your style .o. awesomeeee~
Ktoya's avatar
I am happy you liked this drawing :heart:
Halowing's avatar
He looks so handsome!!
Ktoya's avatar
Halowing's avatar
You're welcome~
British-Prophetess's avatar
He does have a regal look to him! :D Very nice details too.
Ktoya's avatar
Thanks so much :)
British-Prophetess's avatar
Slavky's avatar
very nice character! :) Btw in my language vlas means one hair :) hehe.... isn't it in Ukrainian as well?
Ktoya's avatar
thank you so much :D haha lol, its fun fact! no not in UKrainian its often used only as Volossya, which means "hairs" or volos somtimes. haha :D well, I think it can be nice nickname for him to as... Vlas, the one hair lol :D you made me laughing like a crazy :meow:
Slavky's avatar
haha no problem :D it's a nice nick name, you should use it :heart: :D
Ktoya's avatar
Ktoya's avatar
PeterStringer's avatar
Great piece.  He looks like a jolly good all round chap :).
Ktoya's avatar
thank you friend :) indeed he is :D
Halowing's avatar
Oh wow amazing~
Ktoya's avatar
thank you dear I am happy you liked!
Halowing's avatar
No problem~ ^^
He looks so handsome~
charcoalfeather's avatar
Interesting! I remember you mentioning him once or twice, but he doesn't seem to have a very big role in the story, right?

I totally know what you mean about not drawing a character you've been thinking of for some time, as we talked about before. xD Good that you finally drew him! I like the texture and details of his outfit and the hair and beard. 
Ktoya's avatar
He is not the main character in story, but he often appears, and communicate with Vera. He take place in few chapters as well. Thank you so much for commenting, here I done experiment with applying some textures on my original digital coloring :meow:
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