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Unona and her friends (OCs)

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Here is my OCs, who was created long time ago by me in 2003 !!! hahaaaa , I just felt myself obsessed so much with them, when looked among old sketches I found recently :meow:
so, decided to give them another one life :)
Here, Unona spending time with brothers Siwona, Kevin (left guy, elder brother) and Kris (right, younger brother). Actually at that times in 2003 , when I created them, I made OCs for my GTA Vice City fanfiction, but later (as usually happend) their story became fully original :D anyway, Kevin and Kris still have some relation to gangs world (in my GTA VIce City fanfiction they belonged to the Streetwannabe's gang, their father was a leader of a gang, who killed by Tommy Vercetty) while Unona was not a part of their gang, at first time and will never became a part of.

Huh! Finally, I finished this. What I realized. I enjoy to color characters, and still so much dislike to work on enviroment. T_T ha, BTW,  just remembered, that somewhere backuped on CD, I have very first digital drawing of Unona :D I created it using mouse+MS paint in summer 2003 :D lol, I wanna find it 

song inspiration for this drawing…

Coloring in Inkscape, playing with layers and brushes in PS
drawing and coloring made by me, Ktoya, 2014
Characters belond to me, ~ :iconktoya: Ktoya, 2003-2014.

UPD 11.11.2015: I fixed a bit their eyes and contrast. I dont know why i stop like older version.

stock used:…………

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Damn girl, look at those hot characters and the neon-lit nightscape environment! *_* Freakin' BADASS!! I like the lights from the neon casting over the characters; gives out extra heat in the Miami night!

I never played GTA series; I know my husband played a lot of them and said I should play it too, but never got around it. :( I didn't know this game came out so long ago though O_O. If my mom saw me play any of the GTA games, she would've cussed the living shit out of me and probably cried herself to sleep because she had the nerve to ground me for playing one of the Mortal Kombat games when I was a kid. :grump:
Ktoya's avatar
oh really? wow, my mom was okay when I played GTA long back at my teen ages, and on old 8 bit console, there was fightings games, and I am played when was kid, she also don't mind that. I Loved GTA Vice city in 2003. from the time gap of 2003-2004 I spend alot amount of hours playing that. I even replayed it from start to finish few times :D And replayed with various mods too. hehe, graphic was not too much cool there anyway, compared to nowadays, but I still liked that game, and its still have a place in my heart. (if i remembering about that, I feel only warm memories) ah, what a nice time it was! I not tried newer GTA series. By the way i recently tried other game similar a bit to GTA is Sleeping dogs game , oh very beautifully made game and I liek thematic :meow: 
Unona and brothers Siwona are one of my oldest OCs I created. They are very established personalities, though their story which I write, never was finished. 
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Yeah, unfortunately my mom's one of those conservative old-school Asian women who believes violent video games make kids stupid & evil (blames shit on other stuff). :facepalm: Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie  

Dang, I wish my mom was cool like your mom back when I was a kid/teen. D: When I played the first Mortal Kombat game on Super Nintendo when I was in elementary school, I got grounded. Mom had some of her friends over and they were having tea and one of the ladies was very religious, and her daughter was over too and she saw me playing Mortal Kombat with my brother and his friend; her mom eventually saw me playing and freaked out. So she snitched me out to my mom and told her she shouldn't let girls like me play violent fighting games and got me in trouble, and later that night I got grounded. :( Fighting games and action adventure games are the BEST. :la:

I see. I've never seen GTA fanfics; I never thought any of them existed, so it's really awesome that you made one in the first place. :meow: Are you thinking about going back and working on any of them?
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Those gazes they're giving :paranoid: They seem slightly unsettling.
It's interesting to know they were supposed to be in GTA Vice city first, though :dummy:
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Ah, yeah! GTA Vice City stayed my fav game, I replayed it ~4 times from beginning to the end, and tried a lot of mods. I have only warm memory about this game :D their gazes, yeah, thats because 2 brothers are killers, I think. btw, few days ago I had a thoughts about their eyes. I wanna to make them more detailed.
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I only played GTA 2 and San Andreas :o
o_o So Unona ain't from an innocent family.
Go for it :la:
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maybe you should try it. and maybe you will like it, idk :D
mmm, Unona is orphan :D she was rised in internat and has only step-sister Lynn. Who was killed by Kris, btw. The guy, who is on the right side of picture.
PictureOnProgress's avatar
I only have a Wii, and no GTA makes it there :L
Does she even know that? :nuu:
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I see, I only use PC as gaming platform. Yeah, She will get know it just Lynn was transferred to the hospital, she was operated and talks with Unona after that, told everything who was injured her, but unfortunately even Lynn was operated... anyway,  she died.  Unona and Lynn always had bad relationship before this incindent almost whole their life, and they became friends only at the last moment. sad.
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My PC can get too laggy to play often on it :l
Oh, that is pretty bad :o
Then at least the killing wasn't that painful a find for Unona.
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Right, Unona was not so much in pain, same time not so happy because of Lynn's death. She bacame very hostile to Kris.
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you spend a good time with the anatomy, especially when i look at the necks and her belly and her arms. Looks like they pose for something and they want to look wild and cool :)
Ktoya's avatar
thank you :) I am used coloring tutorials for this one, and I think, this colorings is better I got recently :)
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this one doesn't look as much with your usual style
yet it's wonderful! I really like it, especially the colour palette and choice of background :)
Ktoya's avatar
thats maybe because they are modern urban style characters? hehehe thank you for your comment
SmlArt's avatar
indeed Sweating a little...
no problem ^.^
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Oh! :D
I scrolled through Original-Story-OCs pictures and thought by this: Wow, awesome characters! Looking very interesting and full of back ground story.
Than I thought: This drawing style... I know it...
And then I read your name, Ktoya :)

There is something special about your pictures and your OCs, that makes me always stop and look at it.
Keep up the awesome work! :party:
Ktoya's avatar
wow, looking like mystical coincidence :D But it is so great! thank you so much for kind comment, and I am really glad to know my art style is recognizable hehe! wish you have a nice day! :heart:
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I love Unona's physique she looks tall and I like her body length I have a character with a similar look body wise.  Unona's face and hair reminds me of Claudia, she's so pretty! I also really like the lighting filter on the piece. :D

Hayley :floating:
Ktoya's avatar
thank you :meow: yes, you absolutely right, Unona is tall and in nice physical form, she can run long distances,  and self defence a bit, also she can shot, using few types of weapons. I am happy you liked her :) can you show me your OC's Claudia picture? I would like to see :meow:
medievallass's avatar
Claudia Black is a pretty actress, who reminds me of Unona's looks. I don't have any recent pictures of Lilly I really should make one. ^^;

Hayley :floating:
Ktoya's avatar
aw, I gor it now, lol :D yay!!! so you helped me to find a cast for Unona :D I think Claudia Black is looking like pretty so much as Unona looks in my head!!!
medievallass's avatar
Yay! :hug:  I'm glad to hear I was on the right track with Unona's looks. Claudia Black is great I loved her character in Farscape, a Science Fiction TV show she was in. :D

Hayley :floating:
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