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Bayar and Ariuna

Here is Bayar and Ariuna, my OCs, they are brother and sister, and they are children of Mirza (also my OC).
Now I am made drawing of them in their actual ages, as they are in my story. Bayar is 23-24 years old, while ariuna is 18 y.o. They both are nomadic noble people. If you interested to see Ariuna and Bayar at their sweet childish age, you can view this artwork:
Ariuna and Bayar, my OCs by Ktoya
Drawing made by me, in Inkscape ~ :iconktoya: ©2014 Ktoya
Characters and their story belongs to me ~
©2009-2014 Ktoya
Background drawn by me, I tried to make artwork using tutorial, but used result image as bg.
As costumes ref I used this…
Stock item…


This artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published,
transmitted or uploaded in any way without my express written
permission. All rights reserved!
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© 2014 - 2021 Ktoya
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The individual features of both siblings are so well- define, one can see they are siblings, yet they are their own person with their own unique looks and traits, such as  Bayar's  heavier brow against Ariuna's lighter, more relaxed brows, Bayar's stronger jaw and Ariuna's smoother facial form.

Their clothing are rich, and knowing your expertise, are accurate. The patterns in Bayar's robe are impressive! Very subtle, like printed silk. And the details on Ariuna' golden-bordered collar are wonderfully draw out and colored.

 Likewise, their affection is apparent how Bayar places a protective arm around his younger sister.
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There seems to be a close sibling relationship between them, which is very nice to see ^^ I do love their outfits and colours too.
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wow I am glad their good relationships very clearly visible here :D thank you!
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Very lovely and pretty~
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you're welcome~
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Insanely cool, could you do one just like this with a man in a black suit and red tie and a woman beside him her in a purple dress, just like me and my girlfriend if I showed you a picture of us both? 
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thank you so much for great comment, and watch, and fav, it is very appreciated. unfortunately at this moment I dont do requests and comisions, but if you like my artstyle you can look for further news later. I think I will open comissions soon.
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okies Il keep looking :)
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okay :tighthug: have a great day!
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Great work with their poses. Also like their clothing. :squee:
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Thank you so much :meow:
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You're very welcome. :D
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This is really good! It might even be worth turning into a poster!
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Wow, thank you :) I have no thought about to put them on poster, nice idea :D
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No problem. Glad to be of help!
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Wow, I love the way you drew their clothing! The lines are so smooth and the cloth really looks so realistic. Ariuna's clothing looks almost silken. Her braid looks so nice here! And Ariuna looks like a very kind girl indeed, when Bayar looks a lot tougher and intimidating. Don't think I'd like to get into a fight with him!

That background is pretty impressive. It has an "epic" scope and reminds me of adventure movies. There's also an aura of mystery because of those mountains...
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aww thank you very much for your awesome support :tighthug: I am so happy here is visible their personality, it is really difference between Ariuna and Bayar, Bayar is more strong, courageous and a little nervous (by the way he is warrior as almost all nomadic men was, but also have a hobby like bklacksmith) . Ariuna is kind and tolerant girl, she have warm heart usually, until, other people kind to her and her family. So she is peaceful person, who anyway enjoy the amazonic way of life, she adore women warriors, and dreams to be a woman warrior :)
also, happy to know background looking good :D I am just used to try one of that inkscape tutorial drawing, so I think this type of bg I will use few times for other characters also.
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Awesome)) Yeah, I think this background will suit many pictures in the future nicely. 

A little nervous? That kind of reminds me of how Chinghiz might be like in the medieval timeline. Well, Chinghiz is probably 10x more nervous than Bayar, anyways. xD
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