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Don't Hesitate
People spend a lot of time pondering what if
What if this happened... then could I have?
But what if instead of pondering you lived
If you used each second doing so you couldn't ponder
You couldn't wonder if it would have worked out
It would keep you doing anything you wanted
And all you thought about was what you want now
Instead of doing what we all started
We are all fools looking for a door
A door out of a planet with everything
Gazing at stars without touching our floor
We study all and learned nothing
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 1
Job Searching
Keep working you're almost there
Reached it now time for new job
Hope it's better and more fair
Keeps you from feeling a slob
First impressions going great
Seems everyone's pretty chill
Then you work till one day
Things start to go down hill
Every time you go there now
You think of when you're free
So don't think about how
You've gone in a circle you see
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 1
Living For
Don't let it fade... ever
Motivation is hard to find
Find someone to help it whoever
Once it's yours keep it in mind
It's your drive to wake up
Let it lead your every step
And live to fill it's cup
Make it flow from you each breath
Always be excited by it
Never think about why
Because you live for this
Once it's gone inside you die
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 3
I Don't Miss you
No I don't remember how you smelled of vanilla and animals
No I don't recall how my mind would numb from one kiss
I couldn't recollect how excited we'd get before removing clothes
And I couldn't say everything about you is all I miss
I don't cry or get mad when I think of you
I don't joke that I never was in love
I'm not broken when I still see you
And I'd never pretend you're not really gone
Because if I did I'd hide it
If I did I'd have to feel numb
If I was I'd always cry
If I really was in love
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 0
What was that? You swear something was moving touching your leg but you're under the blankets of your own bed. You move the blanket aside and look using your phones light. You see nothing. Ignoring it you go back to sleep. It moves again before you can. You swear there must be something. As if the fabric itself was a centipede the size of a snake crawling up your leg stinging slightly as it went but you see nothing still. You get out of bed. Perhaps it's just a muscle spasm or this is a dream, but you don't feel tired and muscle spasms never felt like that. Is it a hallucination? Maybe some night terror because you're feeling creeped out? Whatever it is if you think of something else it will go away. You go downstairs to get a drink of water. Getting up after sleeping makes you need the bathroom. Wait... where's the light? You feel the wall where it should be but can't find it, and why's it so dark? You use your phone and turning on the light you see it. Only for a flash and it makes y
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 1
Every day you care for people.
They thank you then feel a little better
You're happy you can make a difference
Then you see
This world doesn't want to be happy
We all like the idea of peace
but could never stand it
The world likes drama.
Every emotion matters
Every time we live a day we die a day
We lose who we are in a crowd
Until we all fade... we are together alone
:iconktorax:ktorax 2 1
What to do
I don't know at all
Where to go what to do
I can't decide with my back to the wall
What can I say... Nothing new
I'm taking my time deciding
Thinking out my choices
Stalling the journey of riding
Scared of my own voices
I don't want anything
I want to sit still
Never moving or thinking
That's my will
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 1
Time doesn't care it goes on
It's not fair but it's not wrong
It simply moves along always
some say times too long some days
People question and ponder it
Simple lesson that seems to fit
Is that although it moves
Life goes through it's truths
It doesn't hurry or slow
Never worried it goes
From when you or I began
Until we find our end
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 1
Remembered Love
Waiting for change out of time
Times we saved changed our mind
We loved and fought more then most
All we lost we gained defeating foes
I will remember all we made
Back in November I came to your aid
But I was late and couldn't fix it
Now in my state I want to forget
Forget the love and pain that followed
Forget the times and loving sorrow
For this is my last farewell
Because it hurts that for you I fell
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 3
Reason To Love
I'm in love with you
I'm scared that's true
but you make me smile
You don't put me on trial
You don't ask how I feel
Or if my love is real
but I know you want to
and because of that I love you
I will never stop loving you
I will always tell you too
because when I'm scared
You honestly cared
:iconktorax:ktorax 2 1
Doodle by ktorax Doodle :iconktorax:ktorax 1 0 Feeling something by ktorax Feeling something :iconktorax:ktorax 1 2
Dear you
Call me crazy join my thoughts
Be the strong one of lots
Never let your mind rest
Think but know your not the best
Tell me whats your worse
Show me your curse
Give me a moment
Something worth showing
Time trails pass by
Back up and ask why
Why do you care about it
When past has been wasted
:iconktorax:ktorax 2 1
Spider meh by ktorax Spider meh :iconktorax:ktorax 2 1
A Start
Can you find me?
I don't know who I am
I can't see
Is this where I begin?
I see now
Light hurts my eyes
I feel fear now
dark holds lies
Why am I here?
What is this place
So much so near
I'll go at my pace
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 1
After Losing League games
You can never win
But you will never give up
Fight until the end
And be proud you did enough
You might still lose
Your chances were never good
But because you chose
Your fight went as it should
It's all a game to your team
But you must make it show
That you care and need
That you can make it pro
:iconktorax:ktorax 1 1


To think
I like to think my words mean something
As I watch your smile grow
Ensuring that there’s warmth behind it
I like to think my actions mean something
As I watch how you react
Trying to provide you with purity
I like to think you want this
As I ponder on these thoughts
Letting you decide the future
:iconfavannahsleury:favannahsleury 2 0
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You ever wondered what it would be like inside someone's body? If you could move your mind to the body of someone. What would it feel like. Would colors look the same if your eye color was different? Would you feel smarter with more blood rushing to your head or would you feel slower if your blood pumped slower with heavy beats? Would you start acting like that person because their body feels more natural that way? Like would you walk the way they do because their bone structure supports it or would you try walking your way even if it felt awkward? Just a thought because there's all these sayings and moving showing people viewing life from another' perspective but it does it showing what that person has to do everyday. Not how it feels in someone' literal skin. Perhaps our physical bodies don't effect our personalities and we are who we are no matter what we look like or feel like. Still it seems strange and peculiar to think that if we act like ourselves no matter our physical self if a seven year old girl looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger they'd still act like a seven year old girl. On the other hand if our physical bodies effect who we are does that mean personality disorders could sometimes be solved by having different bodies? Would a mentally disabled person still be disabled in a perfectly healthy body?


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