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My Bio
Current Residence: Georgia, USA
Favourite genre of music: whatever sounds good
Skin of choice: Scales -..^
Personal Quote: Those who stop learning wither and die.

Favourite Movies
Dragonheart, The Matrix
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Prismacolor pencils, pen
Other Interests
drawing, cross-stitching, D&D, dragons and other assorted beasties

To my cat...

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You gave me the best 13 years anyone could ask for. I did the best I could for you, always. I'm only sorry that today that meant you had to leave, that the cancer had won. But you told me it was time, so I let you go, and I'll always love you. Goodbye, sweetie.
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My cat had surgery on her foot recently. What we'd thought was an injury turned out to be a malignant tumor in her toe, so a followup surgery was scheduled to try and make sure all affected tissue was removed and give her the least chance of it spreading. While we were waiting, her opposite hip had developed some swelling, which the vet thought might be inflammation due to having to carry her weight differently. He said he'd examine it when she went in to make sure nothing else was needed prior to the surgery. Alas, he was wrong. The swelling is, in fact, an aggressive bone tumor that is dissolving her pelvis. The only reason she still has
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Still Alive

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the move went fine and I'm beginning to progress a bit in the artwork again. Hopefully new things from me soon! Also, I have finally succumbed to the cute that is Dragon Cave. Weep for me... and help my babies grow. :3
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I'n case you still check up on this, I'm back
Thank you! I've actually been very happily reading the new pages, but it's awesome that you reached out just in case I hadn't. I'm excited to see where the story will go!
I’m glad you’re keeping up
Can you answer this random question from below?

Gargoyles Episode Sixteen AU Question: If, inside the virtual reality world, the female gargoyle and Goliath were pulled down into the heart of the virus by it's tentacles BEFORE the former was able to further convince Coldstone to help them, what would result from the virus ensnaring the two gargoyles and wiping them out?
Well, since the souls of all three dead gargoyles were magically anchored to the Coldstone body, and remained so until their separation into different vessels (Coldsteel and Coldfire), the female's soul would have gone dormant for a time just like the male's did, able to reassert itself later. Goliath was there through purely technological means, and only a VR link and not an integrated Matrix-style system, so while he may have taken some psychological damage from the event, it is unlikely that he'd have suffered any lasting harm.
Can you answer this question for me?

Gargoyles Episode Thirty Seven AU Questions: If Goliath vanished before he even looked up at the former captain of the guard and the latter and Hakon became corporeal again, how would the two men feel after becoming completely visible? What would Elisa, Angela and Bronx's reactions be if they didn't saw Goliath, but instead saw the viking and the former captain inside the Megalith Dance? And finally, how would the three travelers take the news on Goliath's life energy being used to revive the two former ghostly beings?
As to the first question, I don't know. For the second, they'd probably have been afraid for Goliath, but they wouldn't really know who the ghosts were until told... and of course wouldn't be very pleased about Goliath dying to revive them.
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