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Streams and Features + PATREON!?

Fri Aug 25, 2017, 6:43 AM

Patreon! Patreon Icon

I've Finally done it guys! ove set up a patreon!  Ive always wanted to make my own comic, and with the help of your support on Patreon, I feel like I can finally make that dream a reality and work towards making more and better art for all of you! I've been wanting to begin a larger project for a while now and I feel like this is the way to do it :) even the $1 monthly patreons will get awesome extras like Access to Discord Voice Chats and Image sending (via the art-talk), Sneak peeks of Comic Page WIPs and Patron-only polls!
Im super excited to get this rolling and ill be working on beginning the comic pages next week (the 4th onwards)!

I also just wana thank everyone here on Deviantart for all the support over the years, and dont worry, you guys will still be getting a whole load of awesome art coming out! I'll be uploading the comic here too, though theyll only be the finished pages! patreon gives access to WIPs and Extra goodies so its worth checking out! Thank you again you awesome people! <3


so ive set up an account over on Picarto for art streaming, it just seems to work a little smoother than twitch and is more art based anyways, my plan is to do daily music and drawing streams where I just make art and listen to some music, but i also want to set up streams for chatting and making art, or playing games with people, even some of you guys! Im gonna post a poll about what days that will be up and going!

Amazing Maps and RPG work!

Recently, my other half, :iconcaeora: has been working crazy hard on a whole set of maps which look absolutely stunning!
Desert Maps: Dragon Skull by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Outlaw Camp by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Sand Skimmer by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Pyramid by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Tomb by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Caravan by Caeora

He's Also set up a Patreon for Blue Sword Games where you can support all his amazing work from as little as $1 a month, giving access to great goodies like sneak peaks, Q&As, and having your name featured in upcoming adventure books for being a supporter! so please go check that out!

Still calling for Commissions

I could still use a few more commissions to tide me over in terms of food and living costs, so if you know anyone who wants anything drawn or is interested in art please share any of my soical media pages with them! dont forget I have a Facebook page which I update regularly!
also just a quick one about Points Commissions :points: for those of you who have been mentioning about not affording commissions.

Doodles2 by KTechnicolour

I now take commissions for doodles at 100 :points: a piece.

Awesome Art from you guys!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to :iconemberthedragonlord::iconroddokyan7: and :icontoffee-gaming: for the awesome art you guys have done for me recently, and to everyone else out there who favourites and supports my work, I really cant thank you guys enough, you guys are the reason I keep working and keep making more and more art! so again, thank you so much guys! <3

Similar Fashion Choices - KTech Trade by EmberTheDragonlordAT with KTechnicolour- Dr. Riviera by Roddokyan7Gift for an awesome person by Toffee-Gaming

A Small health and safety message

my posture sucks, I hunch over my keyboard and tablet all day like a mouse hunched over a crumb of cheese, and its not good. I get a lot of aches in my shoulders and its only getting worse, so I'm working on sitting better, getting a shoulder brace and generally preventing turning into a crooked old woman in my mid 20s, but I just wanted to say, if you guys sit in front of your PCs alot, just give a quick thought to your health! I've seen a lot of posts from artists recently who've had to take breaks from back problems so please just take a few minutes to have a stretch. take care of yourself guys! <3

That's all for now guys!

Till next journal!

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August 25, 2017