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Contests and Things! (DEADLINE UPDATE)

Sun Feb 12, 2017, 10:59 AM

Deadline for the contest is now the 19 of March!
I've added an extra week for those in the recent poll who said they need more time :)
if you'd prefer another week  on top of that just say!


First off all, Commissions are a slow go so please share my commissions board with all your friends! I'd be super grateful for the support and i really need the money '^' even just a quick shoutout wherever you can would be amazing and i would love you 5ever. Heart for you 

Facebook Page:

I finally got around to setting up an art page on Facebook! :bademoticon: so now you guys can follow updates and get in touch with me there too! not to mention share my art with all your non dA friends who might be interested! so go follow me on there! I'm also intending to shout-out some of the artists i love and keep a pretty good network up and going! its all very exciting!


And of course the part you're here for, the contest!

Yoglabs has recently 'employed' (either by choice abduction or other means) a few new staff members, and they've all gotta go over the employee handbook!

Your challenge is to create a piece of work showing either KTech or One of your OC's Dealing with some kind of madness at yoglabs!


Bullet; Red Must feature either KTech  MC character by KTechnicolour or one of your OCs!
Bullet; Orange Must Feature one of the Yogscast Supervising/enabling the situation, can be any Yog (or ex-yog) member you want! from Xephos Running an experiment to Sjin breaking in to cause some Trolling!
Bullet; Yellow Can be Digital, Traditional, Literature or any other kind of work!
Bullet; Green Must be sent via NOTE with the subject "Yoglabs Contest"
Bullet; Blue must be original work!
Bullet; Purple Have fun and don't over stress! this is just for fun, so don't stress over making something super amazing! I'm judging on more than just something that looks amazing. also on creativity, humour and story!

Deadline is the 12th 19 of March!


1st Trophy  1st Place: A free Full colour Artwork!
2nd Trophy 2nd Place: a free line art Artwork!
3rd Trophy 3rd Place: 50 Points 

so have fun and I look forward to seeing all your entries!

That's all my updates for now so, remember to check out my Shop

Till next Journal!

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