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Burning Goblins RPG and Other Stuff

Tue May 23, 2017, 4:33 AM

Burning Goblins

so ive recently worked on Blue Sword Games' Burning Goblins RPG adventure helping with editing and some of the art. its completely free to download so if you guys could go check that out id be super grateful. and if you could leave an honest review that would help a bunch! heres some of the work i did for it!
Owl Bear by KTechnicolour Hogmother by KTechnicolour Cloak by KTechnicolour Effigy - Lithograph by KTechnicolour

KO-FI Donations

my donation page is still up and running Buy Me a Coffee at where you can give small donations to help support my work! anything you can give would honestly mean the world to me <3


I recently had an issue with my PC which caused me to lose around an hours worth of work. annoyingly this has kinda put me off finishing that piece but i wana finish that before i start much else. in terms of mental health, things are still pretty average. motivation is kinda low but im really trying to get there. ive also been in the mood for alot of gaming recently so thats another thing slowing the art making

On a lighter note

Theres whispers on the winds of new possible art projects coming up for me to work on as well as more speeddraws i wana make for my youtube stuff. so watch the spaces!

Thats about all for now, so hope you guys are enjoying the sun!

Till next journal! 

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