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Hey guys! the full bonus content version of Blue Sword Games' Burning Goblins RPG has been released! including some of my art, and a whole bunch of awesome RPG insight for new and veteran players alike and a great little adventure to play! please check it out! Burning Goblins Bonus Content Edition
212235 by KTechnicolour

so things have been really slow as of late when it comes to art, there's a few reasons including family stuff, helping out with organising things, reading stuff, Heatwaves, Overwatch updates, PC problems and everything's been generally all over the place. but here's some things I've been thinking about recently:


I'm thinking of making some adoptable characters for you guys to buy, some of which may even be for points as ive had younger users mentioning that pay pal and money is an issue for them. i was thinking around 100Points points per adoptable, because the only thing id be using points for myself is Core, which starts at like 1200 Points. what id like to know from you guys is what kind of adoptables would you be after? furries, weres, human characters? drop me some ideas in the comments!


I've set up a half decent twitch setup which you can find HERE, would you guys be interested in watching me stream games? or art? or both? and what kinda times would people be after? or general stream lengths? drop me your ideas on that :) 


Ive decided to get Tumblr up and going properly now, and i have 2 different accounts. 
My Art Tumblr where I post artwork and sketches.
My Fanstuff Tumblr where I post all the shit i find that looks cool and generally fan girl over stuff, and also collect artwork from my favourite artists out there.
so give either of those a follow if you're interested to see what I'm up to, or what my latest obsessions are.

Reading (and Possible Writing)

As the HUGE fan girl I am, I've been going nuts over reading Fan-fictions over on a great site called Archive of Our Own with my main 2 reads being Dusk To My Dawn and Eyes Like Silver both of which I HIGHLY recommend. its also a great website in general for writers as it allows for Images, easily navigable chapters and even pseudo names so you can write under a bunch of different names all from one account. I've been considering writing some stuff of my own over on there, so watch this space. ill be posting in a future journal if I do decide to write some stuff.

Those are the main updates for now, if i think of anything else ill add it on.

Till next Journal!

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Submitted on
June 26, 2017