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I really don't update enough here.

Thu Apr 5, 2018, 3:13 AM
Ive had a pretty busy week recently, but heres a few updates on stuff.

Behind Closed Doors

The comic is still running, but due to a few different things, its currently on hiatus. but don't worry guys! its not for forever, its so i can sort some stuff out and make the whole thing better for the future! 


My patreon is still bumbling along including The monthly raffle! its a great way for you to support my work and have a chance to win your own free artwork! exciting right!?


The discord is still up and going and busier than ever! if you haven't already joined, what are you waiting for!? here's a whole list of things going on there:
Art advice! - you can ask a whole bunch of great artists for help and advice on your own work!
Self Promo! - Share your work with the rest of the server and grab a few more followers!
Voice Chats! - come hang out with everyone as we make dumb jokes and generally have a fun social time!
Games!? - hopefully well be running a few more games soon! including a minecraft server, tabletop sim stuff, and jackbox stuff once in a while!
generally friendly dudes! - theres a whole bunch of great people who are all super awesome!
so come join in!


I've recently been getting alot more traction over on my tumblr account so if you have an account go follow me! and drop me a few asks! id love to get some more input from you guys there :) also, its a great place to interact with a whole load of other artists! everything's a little more organised and laid out on there so its definitely worth checking out! 

that's all the main things for now so~

Till next journal!

Stuff and things and a whole new year

Wed Jan 24, 2018, 5:58 AM
so its a new year! and nothings really changed, but that's not a bad thing. instead here's a list of things that are still going strong.

Behind Closed Doors

the comic is still going strong, with new pages every week! or as close to that as possible, and honestly im really proud of finally sticking with a project for more than a week or 2. so heres to many more pages and big exciting plot points to come! on another note, im almost done with the pre-written story-line of the first arc so it wont be long before the comic dives head first into new territory :O exciting huh?


My patreon is still bumbling along including The monthly raffle! the raffle has taken a month off but will be starting again come the end of January when the first winner of the new year will be picked! so that's a great way to support my work, especially considering I could do with a little more income >.>


My discord is still up and going and busier than ever! if you havent already joined, what are you waiting for!? this is where pretty much all the news and announcements are, and this is also where a few games get hosted including (currently) a minecraft server and hopefully in the future games like tabletop sim, streams of jack box and maybe even a few rpg oneshots like D&D or monster hearts so join in and keep an eye out for those coming up in the future.


I've recently been getting alot more traction over on my tumblr account so if you have an account go follow me! and drop me a few asks! id love to get some more input from you guys there :) also, its a great place to interact with a whole load of other artists!

those are the main few bits at the moment, so here's to a not so rubbish 2018! and ill catch you guys later :)

Till next journal!

Changes And Updoots

Thu Oct 12, 2017, 6:33 AM


First up, I'm adding a few changes to my Patreon! I'm gonna be adding a Monthly Raffle to my Patreon, meaning at the end of every month, all the names of all my Patrons go into a hat and I'll draw one at random each month to receive an art request! the idea is to get a few more people to sign up to my patreon. ALL patrons, no matter what tier, will be entered in monthly raffles.


secondly, with my Patreon, 90% of the rewards, sneek peaks and fun things are gonna be on my Discord, so if you do decide to sign up for patreon please please please make sure you click that discord link! my discord includes chats about upcoming comic ideas, art sketches, screenshots of Work in progress, as well as voice chats and other fun stuff! including a recent tour of a fan made version of yoglabs! i also like to grab art ideas from discord so if you wana get in touch or throw some ideas my way, discord is the way to do it!
my discord is also available to NON-Patrons! so don't feel like your missing out because you cant afford patreon! 


so my original plan to live stream every week fell totally flat, and with all the stuff I'm dealing with and work, a schedule just isn't gonna be too easy to stick with for me. so instead I'm gonna just stream when I can, but most often if you wana join in with fun stuff and hearing me blabber on while I work, then discord is the place to be!


Lastly, I want to thank you guys for all the awesome support you've shown for Behind Closed Doors! the Patreon is on page 10 now! and i feel like thats the perfect milestone to give you guys a huge thanks. i honestly wasn't confident id be able to stick with this so well, but having you guys enjoying each page and all the silly stuff coming out of the discords for page screenshots has really made it all worth it! so again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

And on that soppy note, I'll get back to making art! :P
Till next journal!

Comic and Patreon Support!

Thu Sep 7, 2017, 3:55 AM


thats right guys! as many of you may have seen my comic is finally up and going! YogLabs: Behind Closed Doors is in full swing and I'll be updating with new pages every Thursday!
currently, the story is following my Subject K story, but will follow on from it with the rest of the story :D so theres lots of big things waiting in the wings for YL: BCD!


as i mentioned last journal, Ive set up a patreon for my work so you guys can support all of my art! although my main focus currently is my comic, the patreon will feature my other work as well, so please please please go check it out at least! and if you guys can support either by signing up as a patron on just sharing my patreon with any of your friends id be super appreciative!


Im gonna start streaming every Sunday from 7pm onwards over on my picarto! for now these are gonna be art streams, but we'll see how it goes and maybe ill throw in a few game nights for you guys to join me in playing a few things!

Arty Stuff

There will be some more non comic related art coming soon! I'm just super pumped to really get YL: BCD going :D Commissions are still open too! including the new :points: Points Commissions!

thats all on the updates front for now!

Till next journal!

Streams and Features + PATREON!?

Fri Aug 25, 2017, 6:43 AM

Patreon! Patreon Icon

I've Finally done it guys! ove set up a patreon!  Ive always wanted to make my own comic, and with the help of your support on Patreon, I feel like I can finally make that dream a reality and work towards making more and better art for all of you! I've been wanting to begin a larger project for a while now and I feel like this is the way to do it :) even the $1 monthly patreons will get awesome extras like Access to Discord Voice Chats and Image sending (via the art-talk), Sneak peeks of Comic Page WIPs and Patron-only polls!
Im super excited to get this rolling and ill be working on beginning the comic pages next week (the 4th onwards)!

I also just wana thank everyone here on Deviantart for all the support over the years, and dont worry, you guys will still be getting a whole load of awesome art coming out! I'll be uploading the comic here too, though theyll only be the finished pages! patreon gives access to WIPs and Extra goodies so its worth checking out! Thank you again you awesome people! <3


so ive set up an account over on Picarto for art streaming, it just seems to work a little smoother than twitch and is more art based anyways, my plan is to do daily music and drawing streams where I just make art and listen to some music, but i also want to set up streams for chatting and making art, or playing games with people, even some of you guys! Im gonna post a poll about what days that will be up and going!

Amazing Maps and RPG work!

Recently, my other half, :iconcaeora: has been working crazy hard on a whole set of maps which look absolutely stunning!
Desert Maps: Dragon Skull by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Outlaw Camp by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Sand Skimmer by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Pyramid by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Tomb by Caeora Desert Maps: Grid Caravan by Caeora

He's Also set up a Patreon for Blue Sword Games where you can support all his amazing work from as little as $1 a month, giving access to great goodies like sneak peaks, Q&As, and having your name featured in upcoming adventure books for being a supporter! so please go check that out!

Still calling for Commissions

I could still use a few more commissions to tide me over in terms of food and living costs, so if you know anyone who wants anything drawn or is interested in art please share any of my soical media pages with them! dont forget I have a Facebook page which I update regularly!
also just a quick one about Points Commissions :points: for those of you who have been mentioning about not affording commissions.

Doodles2 by KTechnicolour

I now take commissions for doodles at 100 :points: a piece.

Awesome Art from you guys!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to :iconemberthedragonlord::iconroddokyan7: and :icontoffee-gaming: for the awesome art you guys have done for me recently, and to everyone else out there who favourites and supports my work, I really cant thank you guys enough, you guys are the reason I keep working and keep making more and more art! so again, thank you so much guys! <3

Similar Fashion Choices - KTech Trade by EmberTheDragonlordAT with KTechnicolour- Dr. Riviera by Roddokyan7Gift for an awesome person by Toffee-Gaming

A Small health and safety message

my posture sucks, I hunch over my keyboard and tablet all day like a mouse hunched over a crumb of cheese, and its not good. I get a lot of aches in my shoulders and its only getting worse, so I'm working on sitting better, getting a shoulder brace and generally preventing turning into a crooked old woman in my mid 20s, but I just wanted to say, if you guys sit in front of your PCs alot, just give a quick thought to your health! I've seen a lot of posts from artists recently who've had to take breaks from back problems so please just take a few minutes to have a stretch. take care of yourself guys! <3

That's all for now guys!

Till next journal!

I wrote a story

Fri Aug 11, 2017, 7:49 AM


so after a lot of umms and errrs I finally decided to write KTech's back story!  Subject K“I Warned you Xephos…”
The spaceman lay in the dust, coughing and desperately trying to blink the world back into focus. Golden auras rose like smoke after a fire from the twisted metal and debris that once formed the cloning lab.
Everything still hazy and ringing in his ears, he could barely make out the tall copper haired man looming above him, The man’s eyes ablaze with fury.
“I said cloning my kind would be impossible. But once again your failure to heed my warnings has led to chaos.”
Ridgedog floated above Xephos, Shadowed by the emanating glow from behind him.
“Just because you lost someone, that doesn't make cloning everyone the answer.”
As the demigod phased away his words swirled in the spaceman’s mind;
“No one can live forever.”

“Sir?” the intercom on xephos’ desk crackled into life. “We've had some developments on project divinity”
That instantly caught Xephos’ att

I'm pretty new to writing so any feedback or anyone who can correct my terrible grammar would be highly appreciated! <3


my YogLabs AU AMA is still up and going, and im probably just gonna leave it up while i do other yoglabsy bits. but I need more questions! the more in depth the better! and hopefully with the story up to read you guys have a few more things to ask! :D


i could still do with a few more commissions to cover the last little bits of money trouble, so as always it'd be awesome if you guys can share my commissions board with your friends! :3

Its not all yoglabs!

as I put in a recent status update,

so dont worry if youre not really into all the yoglabs hullabaloo, because ill be trying to do some other bits along side it so you guys arent getting bored or swamped!


So a few complications have arisen and I'm in dire need of a bit of extra money to cover rent and food. so if you guys could commission a few bits, or even just share my commissions page wherever you can and ask your friends to do the same it would help out a whole bunch! <3

I'll be happy to do ANY KIND of art! just ask me and ill give you a pricing! that includes comics, tfs, anything! please!

Commisons - OPEN by KTechnicolour

Im also gonna be selling a few characters soon. so look out for those!

thanks for your support guys! <3

YogLabs AU Ask Me Anything!

Wed Aug 2, 2017, 11:09 AM

Why an AMA?

Ive been gathering ideas and head cannons for a while now and I've put together a gallery folder for all the related works so far which you can find here. but ive got so many ideas buzzing around and im honeslty not sure where to start, so i though a fun teaser would be an AMA for all the involved characters! 


How the AMA works.

:bulletgreen:Im gonna take questions in the form of NOTES or Questions in the Yoglabs AU section of my Discord Server.
:bulletgreen: Notes will need the subject: Yoglabs AMA and begin with Question for [character name] for example: 
Ama by KTechnicolour
:bulletgreen: Discord questions have to be in the Yoglabs AU Talk channel on my server and begin with Yoglabs AMA question for [Character Name] for example:
Ama 2 by KTechnicolour

Who can I ask?

Ktech Icon by KTechnicolourKTech (AKA Subject K) - Experiment from the [REDACTED] section of cloning.
Xeph Yoglabs Icon by KTechnicolourXephos - Owner of Yoglabs, everyones Boss.
Riviera Icon by KTechnicolourDr. Riviera - Head of Bio-engineering
Epsilon Icon by KTechnicolourEpsilon (AKA Epi) - One of Rivieras Experiments
Matt Icon by KTechnicolourM
atthew 'Matt' Schlubly - Head of Health And Safety. (poor guy)
Lalnable Icon by KTechnicolourLalnable Hector - Head of Cloning. MIA
Ridge Icon by KTechnicolour Ridgedog - Used to be Second in Command. MIA. Presumed Dead.

or Any Other of the Yogscast or Yoglabs Characters.

EDIT: you can also ask me as the creator of the AU. in which case just put "Question for creator"

What can I ask? 

Anything youd like to know! although, some characters may not give you straight answers ;)
(if I believe a question to be inappropriate I will tell you so, and ofc no NSFW questions)

Have fun and ask away guys!


So a few complications have arisen and I'm in dire need of a bit of extra money to cover rent and food. so if you guys could commission a few bits, or even just share my commissions page wherever you can and ask your friends to do the same it would help out a whole bunch! <3

I'll be happy to do ANY KIND of art! just ask me and ill give you a pricing! that includes comics, tfs, anything! please!

Commisons - OPEN by KTechnicolour

Im also gonna be selling a few characters soon. so look out for those!

thanks for your support guys! <3

Please Help!

Tue Aug 1, 2017, 10:24 AM

So a few complications have arisen and I'm in dire need of a bit of extra money to cover rent and food. so if you guys could commission a few bits, or even just share my commissions page wherever you can and ask your friends to do the same it would help out a whole bunch! <3

I'll be happy to do ANY KIND of art! just ask me and ill give you a pricing! that includes comics, tfs, anything! please!

Commisons - OPEN by KTechnicolour

Im also gonna be selling a few characters soon. so look out for those!

thanks for your support guys! <3

Smol Update and Awesome Gift Art!

Wed Jul 19, 2017, 5:09 AM
Gift for an awesome person by Toffee-Gaming LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THIS IS. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I LOVE IT. :iconexcitedlaplz: THANKYOU SO MUCH :icontoffee-gaming::heartemote: 


so my discord server is slowly getting there! but the more of you who join the more fun it will be and the more events and stuff i can run! so please please please join!
my discord server also includes a new chat for my yoglabs AU which Ive decided I want to do more things for, including possible writing! La la la la exciting roite? 

Trades on the Way!

I've also set up a bunch of trades with people which ill be working on over the next few weeks! so watch out for those! :D

thats about all for now, more updates soon!

Till next journal!

Hey guys! the full bonus content version of Blue Sword Games' Burning Goblins RPG has been released! including some of my art, and a whole bunch of awesome RPG insight for new and veteran players alike and a great little adventure to play! please check it out! Burning Goblins Bonus Content Edition
212235 by KTechnicolour

so things have been really slow as of late when it comes to art, there's a few reasons including family stuff, helping out with organising things, reading stuff, Heatwaves, Overwatch updates, PC problems and everything's been generally all over the place. but here's some things I've been thinking about recently:


I'm thinking of making some adoptable characters for you guys to buy, some of which may even be for points as ive had younger users mentioning that pay pal and money is an issue for them. i was thinking around 100Points points per adoptable, because the only thing id be using points for myself is Core, which starts at like 1200 Points. what id like to know from you guys is what kind of adoptables would you be after? furries, weres, human characters? drop me some ideas in the comments!


I've set up a half decent twitch setup which you can find HERE, would you guys be interested in watching me stream games? or art? or both? and what kinda times would people be after? or general stream lengths? drop me your ideas on that :) 


Ive decided to get Tumblr up and going properly now, and i have 2 different accounts. 
My Art Tumblr where I post artwork and sketches.
My Fanstuff Tumblr where I post all the shit i find that looks cool and generally fan girl over stuff, and also collect artwork from my favourite artists out there.
so give either of those a follow if you're interested to see what I'm up to, or what my latest obsessions are.

Reading (and Possible Writing)

As the HUGE fan girl I am, I've been going nuts over reading Fan-fictions over on a great site called Archive of Our Own with my main 2 reads being Dusk To My Dawn and Eyes Like Silver both of which I HIGHLY recommend. its also a great website in general for writers as it allows for Images, easily navigable chapters and even pseudo names so you can write under a bunch of different names all from one account. I've been considering writing some stuff of my own over on there, so watch this space. ill be posting in a future journal if I do decide to write some stuff.

Those are the main updates for now, if i think of anything else ill add it on.

Till next Journal!

Burning Goblins RPG and Other Stuff

Tue May 23, 2017, 4:33 AM

Burning Goblins

so ive recently worked on Blue Sword Games' Burning Goblins RPG adventure helping with editing and some of the art. its completely free to download so if you guys could go check that out id be super grateful. and if you could leave an honest review that would help a bunch! heres some of the work i did for it!
Owl Bear by KTechnicolour Hogmother by KTechnicolour Cloak by KTechnicolour Effigy - Lithograph by KTechnicolour

KO-FI Donations

my donation page is still up and running Buy Me a Coffee at where you can give small donations to help support my work! anything you can give would honestly mean the world to me <3


I recently had an issue with my PC which caused me to lose around an hours worth of work. annoyingly this has kinda put me off finishing that piece but i wana finish that before i start much else. in terms of mental health, things are still pretty average. motivation is kinda low but im really trying to get there. ive also been in the mood for alot of gaming recently so thats another thing slowing the art making

On a lighter note

Theres whispers on the winds of new possible art projects coming up for me to work on as well as more speeddraws i wana make for my youtube stuff. so watch the spaces!

Thats about all for now, so hope you guys are enjoying the sun!

Till next journal! 


hey guys! Ive now added a wonderful button over there Left Dance Arrow  or right here Buy Me a Coffee at where you can leave small donations via my Ko-Fi page. It would be such a big help and go towards keeping my art going, new projects like my YouTube channel that id like to fill with Speed-Draws and Lets-Plays, The Comic Id like to work on, and much more! Plus theres hundreds of other amazing artists over on Ko-Fi who you can show your love and support to! <3 

Lately updates on my page have been pretty slow and a bit eh

lately. there's a few things behind that, so Ima just let you guys know whats up at the mo.


First thing, I've recently got into doing embroidery and making patches for a jacket I've been nerding out with lots of cool bits.
18339286 10211313262721345 1770031990 O by KTechnicolour18339553 10211313263001352 2103142223 O by KTechnicolour18176243 10211241204439933 690406432 O by KTechnicolour
So thats been taking up alot of my time recently.


I like to think of my self as a gamer, but its actually been like months since I've properly played anything, so I've recently got back into messing about on Overwatch and stuff, so there's even more time gone. but from that I've had some ideas for a few OW related art like this one!
 Unleash The Dragon - Sketch by KTechnicolour

Personal Health

Last but not least I've been having a few issues come up in regards to my personal health which have made doing anything productive a real struggle. that's why I've gone from working on art daily, to more of a weekly thing if that. I can say for sure if or when things will pick up but I'm gonna try and do what I can when I can. in the mean time id still live to hear ideas and stuff from you guys or even just a hello once in a while <3

That's all I really wanted to let you guys know so...

Till next journal!

Commission Updates

I'm gonna be playing around and making a few odd changes here and there to my commissions page, mainly tidying and simplifying it and generally making the whole thing cleaner and easier for you guys to decide what you're after. as always, any input you guys can give me on that will be super helpful and appreciated. One of the Ideas I may be adding are cheapo doodles at 1 or 2 dollars just for quickie spends for the guys for whom money can be an issue.


$2 Doodles! by KTechnicolour

I've now added doodles to my commission board! these are quick pencil drawings avaliable for just $2! and if you decide youd like your doodle turned into a full colour artwork at a later date ill knock those $2s off the price!

Possible speed-draws

Ive been playing with the idea of speed-draws or speed-paints on Youtube for a while now, and so I might have a little go at uploading those in the future. we'll see how it goes on that one.

A Positive Outlook

As many of you may know, depression sucks. so many people nowadays suffer with it and it can be a huge roadblock for creative types. I'm gonna try my hardest to keep a positive look on things, especially my artwork because its what I love. There will be a few times when it gets a bit too much or I'm on a downer. I wouldn't take anything I say during those times too seriously. we all say dumb things when were upset.

Then I stood Up And Did It My Way

As much as I wasn't too pleased with the things a certain deviant was saying on a recent journal of mine, they had a point. and what I've taken from their words is maybe I'm asking you guys for input too much and I need to take control of my work and do what I want, so that's what I intend to do a little more now.

About The Split

I know some of you follow me for my old TF and werewolf related work, for any of you that missed recent updates, all that work can now be found over on :icontaylorswickley: where commissions are also available for such work.

I think that's about it for now though guys, so as always

Till next journal!

The Great Divide

Sun Mar 26, 2017, 1:18 PM
So I've decided I'm gonna split off into accounts for reasons I've explained in previous posts and journals, so here's the fun part for some of you guys that you'll probably really enjoy;
I need some ideas of werewolf and TF work to fill my new page before I share it to all you guys so its not totally empty. so just drop a few ideas for that kinda thing into the comments on this journal. The new page wont be updated as often as my main page and will mostly be for commission features. I'll be uploading some of my old TF work to the new page along with a few pieces ive taken down from this page. (This page (KTechnicolour) will still feature the occasional werewolf in the style featured in my gallery in case you guys were wondering)

I'll be announcing the username and location of the new account after I've padded it out a bit with some arty bits. so for now just drop some ideas to fill that gallery.

EDIT: the new page can be found here :icontaylorswickley:

just so you guys know whats going down here's a list of things the new page will feature:
:bulletred: Transformations,
:bulletred: teenwolf style werewolves
:bulletred: (sketch only) TF comics
:bulletred: sexualized werewolf art
:bulletred: Lewds

the main goal of this is to have some form of income to feed my main art page and also me because y'know, food. and also to make art available to old fans who started following me for those styles of work. my main page will keep running as usual including commissions and updates and general funsies.

hopefully this'll make the best of both worlds for all.

Till next journal!

Shooting The Moon

Mon Mar 20, 2017, 4:22 AM
First of all, I've been inactive for a little while now due to illness and some other personal issues regarding my mental health.

Secondly, the deadline for my contest was yesterday and not gonna lie, I'm pretty down about it. I was expecting a bit more of a turnout for contest entries than what I got. so those who entered will still be awarded prizes, though I'm not gonna announce the winners here. and I'm pretty sure I'tll be a long time before I run anything like that again.

I'm gonna try and get back to doing more art stuff, but I suspect its gonna be pretty slow considering how much of a confidence knock I've received lately.

Last of all, I'm gonna be reworking and simplifying my commissions board. I've asked for feedback a few times but not got any so I'm gonna just go with gut instincts.

Contests and Things! (DEADLINE UPDATE)

Sun Feb 12, 2017, 10:59 AM

Deadline for the contest is now the 19 of March!
I've added an extra week for those in the recent poll who said they need more time :)
if you'd prefer another week  on top of that just say!


First off all, Commissions are a slow go so please share my commissions board with all your friends! I'd be super grateful for the support and i really need the money '^' even just a quick shoutout wherever you can would be amazing and i would love you 5ever. Heart for you 

Facebook Page:

I finally got around to setting up an art page on Facebook! :bademoticon: so now you guys can follow updates and get in touch with me there too! not to mention share my art with all your non dA friends who might be interested! so go follow me on there! I'm also intending to shout-out some of the artists i love and keep a pretty good network up and going! its all very exciting!


And of course the part you're here for, the contest!

Yoglabs has recently 'employed' (either by choice abduction or other means) a few new staff members, and they've all gotta go over the employee handbook!

Your challenge is to create a piece of work showing either KTech or One of your OC's Dealing with some kind of madness at yoglabs!


Bullet; Red Must feature either KTech  MC character by KTechnicolour or one of your OCs!
Bullet; Orange Must Feature one of the Yogscast Supervising/enabling the situation, can be any Yog (or ex-yog) member you want! from Xephos Running an experiment to Sjin breaking in to cause some Trolling!
Bullet; Yellow Can be Digital, Traditional, Literature or any other kind of work!
Bullet; Green Must be sent via NOTE with the subject "Yoglabs Contest"
Bullet; Blue must be original work!
Bullet; Purple Have fun and don't over stress! this is just for fun, so don't stress over making something super amazing! I'm judging on more than just something that looks amazing. also on creativity, humour and story!

Deadline is the 12th 19 of March!


1st Trophy  1st Place: A free Full colour Artwork!
2nd Trophy 2nd Place: a free line art Artwork!
3rd Trophy 3rd Place: 50 Points 

so have fun and I look forward to seeing all your entries!

That's all my updates for now so, remember to check out my Shop

Till next Journal!

Snap back to reality...

Fri Jan 20, 2017, 5:40 AM
 ..oh, there goes gravity.

but seriously, things have smoothed out in terms of where i am with my deviantart, so thats more normal uploads, an regular-ish updates. things are still a little up and down in terms of personal life and bumps in the road, but thats something that only alot of time will fix, so for now the depression train is still running a service about as efficient as the British trains system. which means there will be some late updates and times where im falling off the radar with no warning, but i'll try and keep you guys updated as much as i can. now, onto bees-knees~


commissions are open, and im aiming for about 3 at a time maximum. im slowly adding a FAQ to the commissions page found here:
 Commisons - OPEN by KTechnicolour and any questions or tips or just anything you wana let me know regarding commissions just drop me a comment on there, or anywhere on dA really.
even if you guys arent interested in commisions Sharing the page around would be super helpful and mean alot to me, and to be fair, I could do with some kind of income at the moment, so if you guys could share my commissions board on facebook, twitter, anywhere really i would be super thankful! <3


Im also still keeping art trades up at the moment. these are for people who cant afford a commission or feel like getting some ideas or motivation on their own work. im generally keeping 1 trade space open at a time, but it depends on commission traffic, i might take 2 or 3 when comms are quiet. dont be afraid to ask about trades! im happy for any kind of art from doodles to paintings to writing! i just love seeing what you guys can make and interacting with you!


Ive started uploading sketch work, and drafts and even WIPs to my scraps folder now. this is just a little thing for anyone interested to get more frequent updates on my art. if thats something that interests you then just click on the watch button on my page and make sure "scraps" is ticked!
 Watchy by KTechnicolour
that way youll get a whole bunch of awesome updates and sketches like these! 
Sad wolf sketch by KTechnicolour the lack of colour made me sad so i fixed it. by KTechnicolour Needs more chaos by KTechnicolour
Haycrisp and Dibbles by KTechnicolour everyone is john - flat colour by KTechnicolour


Im trying to update my Shop regularly over on RedBubble, where you can buy my art on shirts mugs bags and more! but I need more ideas for what people wana see and would want on shirts and stuff which is why I have added a shoutbox to my page! so any ideas or things you'd generally like to see, give me a shout on there and ill see what I can do! plus, I love being able to know what you guys think and generally wanna see anyway! so go try that out!

Thats about it for now, so art will slowly be pumped out as and when I can make stuff, Scraps will be updated much more often, and let me guys know what you wana see!

Till next journal!

And We Are A-Go!

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 7:06 AM


that's right guys! it finally actually happening! price listings are here along with all the other bits and bobs you need to know and the FAQ will be featured in the artist comments there as soon as i get any questions rolling in!
Commisons - OPEN by KTechnicolour
not gonna lie, I'm pretty nervous but super excited! go check out my policies! and remember, if you cant afford a commission then I do trades too!
until then, don't forget to check out my Shop

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Wed Jan 4, 2017, 11:18 AM


so the ball is finally making a slow roll towards awesome and the backlog of art will be spilling out over the next few days, and then... ~Drumroll please~ 


I will finally get commissions up and going like I've been saying I would since the dawn of forever.

*insert huge distraction thing here that stopped me writing for 20 mins*

so, anyways, don't forget to check out my Shop  for now and therell be more updates soonish!

Just an extra addition, before starting up commissions I wanna get back into the swing of things with a few trades so ask away guys!

Till next journal!

So I'm planning to get the ball very slowly rolling once again, but in order to do so effectively I want my core membership back. the only problem with that is the core I paid for hasn't activated yet. thusly, I have some concerns. but i have put through a help-desk thingy which I'm still waiting on a response for, and there's a little bit of art waiting in the wings.
For now though, I'd like to know more of the general stuff you guys wana see. annoyingly I cant set up a poll for this so I'm gonna need you guys to just drop me a few comments with the kinda stuff you're excited for when my account finally does get back up and properly rolling.
In terms of health and other issues, things are slowly getting better and a little bit more like something that can almost be considered normality. im hoping to do alot more on dA, but of course I wana start slow and just get going again. so thats about all for now really so...

Till next journal!