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Commisons - OPEN by KTechnicolour Commisons - OPEN by KTechnicolour
:bulletblue:All payments will be handled through paypal
:bulletblue:you will be sent a copy of my agreement for commissions which will include all the Terms And Conditions (I will be happy to explain any sections in more detail as needed)
:bulletblue:All Commsion work is PRE-PAID
:bulletblue: you will be sent WIP's of the work upon request or if i have questions. (rights for these works are included in the agreement)
:bulletblue: all prices are handled in Dollars to make it easier for the majority of you guys.
:bulletblue: any further questions, send me a message via dA, Tumblr, Twitter or Discord!


:bulletgreen:Q: When do i pay you?  -  A: after you've sent me a description of what you're after and then agreed to the Terms and Conditions I'll send you!

:bulletgreen:Q: How do I pay you?  -  A: on paypal! Log into your PayPal account and send your money to KTechnicolour @ simple!

:bulletgreen:Q: What can i do with the art once I've received the finished one?  -  A: you can put it anywhere on your personal websites so long as you credit me! :) (if you need the art for other reasons ask me about it! further details in the T&Cs)

:bulletgreen:Q: Can I commission Roll20 tokens?  -  A: yes! but with how difficult they can be to make I would charge $25 for each one.

:bulletgreen:Q: What art do you do/not do? Do you do NSFW art?  -  A: I'll will draw anything, but any NSFW art will be sent to you directly and not shared on any of my websites.

:bulletgreen:Q: Can I pay AFTER the work is done instead?  -  A: No, however, if at any point after you've paid but before the work is complete you change your mind, I will usually give a refund. (Percentage of money back depending on how far completed the work is. more details in the T&Cs)

:bulletgreen:Q: How long will I have to wait for my commission?  -  A: I aim to get all commissions finished as soon as possible (I aim for within 2-3 weeks). but larger pieces or more characters will take longer. I will always try and get the work to you as soon as I can.
Toby-williams Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Student
The sketch and lineart examples look to be quite similar style. 
It seems like a neat enough sketch to be lineart.
KTechnicolour Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
its cause the pics pretty small tbf, the lineart is ALOT cleaner.
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August 14, 2016
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