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White Paladin Lance by KT-Varia White Paladin Lance by KT-Varia
How about a White Paladin Lance?

And not just a White Paladin, he's the White Paladin of the Throne. And he holds the difficult duty of all... he is to 'kill' Voltron, if the protector of the universe goes out of line or duty. Hence, his bayard takes form of a scythe, combined with components of a sniper rifle (Yep, still in the RWBY crossover boat). So... is he still their friend and ally? Or an enemy against Voltron?

A bit of a backstory for the White Lion of the Throne, this lion appeared in one of the reality in the multiverse, right in front of Alfor. At first, he thought this lion is like the others he made from the comet. Until he learns from the lion's chosen pilot that if Voltron went astray from it's duties, Weiss (the white lion's name) and the pilot will execute Voltron and a new protector will replace it. However, it didn't happen... before the destruction of the Galra home planet, tragedy struck and the white paladin went astray, 'stealing' the lion and fleeing away... and is never seen again, until Lance is chosen as it's new pilot.

I'm happy on how this turned out, he looks like he's going to an empire town! Whoo! Plus the name White Lion of the Throne is a play on the White Phoenix of the Crown (It's been long since I watched X-men cartoon... the older one.)

Lance (VLD) Copyright © Dreamwork
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November 25, 2017
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