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Media Player
New Luna
& Aero

What started out as simply making a decent Media Player skin and it has become 3 different substyles. Not sure if wipWMP really fits as the name anymore, so feel free to shout out some ideas. If you've got Styler browse my gallery and you'll find a nice WMP theme to go with this VS. enjoy

Wallpaper: Piotr Gajos
Icons: mostly Mattahan
Windows Media Player ©Microsoft
© 2007 - 2020 kspudw
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hi im a total noob at this so how or where do i put the shell stuff?
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Thanks for update!
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This is flippin awesome, best WMP skin ever, but where's the styler toolbar in the file? I don't see it anywhere, it's part of the awesomeness here. Am I doin somethin wrong?
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how do i install the little sidebar with all the icons on this skin on windows????
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Hows this going... ??
anything new. new releases :confused:
its been time with no update.
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yea sorry ive got some new stuff for it it will be up soon
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ok, just wondering...
im sure it must of been lot of work :work:, but its worth it.

The theme has been going well so far, not bad ;)
Hope for the best ;)
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I just can't wait.
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Alunamin is best from Reluna. Please remake and that shellstyle with your nice min/max/close buttons... It will be coooool
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Did you get my note on the styler toolbar solution?
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yea but i havent tried it out yet
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This is getting better and better - as for a name... How about.. something with the word "variety" in it, like Variety VS. You could even make up a new word... Varietous. Stupid, but you could just call it Pineapple Pizza too.
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Why You put that all shellstyles in one Visual Style? You can make 5 totaly diferent visual styles...

1) WMP
2) Vista
3) NewLuna
4) NewReluna
5) Thallos

Why not?
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i love the bluetiful. but there's a bug with the restore button which is just a blank box without the symbol. or is it still in beta?
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hmmm.... a new name huh...
Windows Media Player is to obvious dont u think..?!

.... I'll be thinking about it =)
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Really nice! I have a problem with "large fonts" variants: the close/max/min buttons are not flush, they are separated by a bunch of pixels :O

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theres still problem with styler toolbar and white line on left
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yea i cant fix it
pocketkocurek's avatar
aw... anyway, im crossin fingers ;D
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Got permission from Bant for using his Reluna vs? And got permission from KoL for the planned Thallos remix. Otherwise the substyles should be removed.
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your right, i will ask and if they decline i will take it down
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hmmm... the title shows 1 dot 4


i downloaded 1 dot 5 .... :confused:
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