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Paper WALL-E


Update 2
200%, Wall-e army (photos, robots, ect.), and new site...

Update 1
is an update from video game edition and now has much higher resolution!

if you feel generous please feel free to donate it will fund my future papercraft projects. thanks! [link]
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Must. Do. This. XDXD
Hi kspudw, I am a papercraft newbie but I love Wall-E so I had to give this a try. Mine's not perfect but I still lurve it. Thanks for the template.…
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Thanks for sharing it.+fav 
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Thank you for sharing :heart:
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What are the two rectangular parts for?
Did you ever figure this out? I made my Wall E (thanks for the layout! it looks very cute on my mantle!!!!!) but it didn't seem to need anything else. I wonder if its the shelf on his back where he would hang his lunch box or something. But, i was too tired to bother and he still looks good especially for my 3rd paper craft ever. LOL
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Please, where can i find the link to download the wall e pdf? It doesnt work....
i have 5 days until my son 's birthday.....helpppp!!!!!
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Bang! I like WALL-E; he's so cute! I'll see if I can alter the build so he can fold up.
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Nice, I gone make 1 and I will post im my DA
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Gorgeous papercraft, thanks a lot for sharing it.
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Rockin' good. Already made 4 of them))
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haha, wall-e army!
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Why don't you make another paper models? This one is the best paper WALL-E on the net, after that monstrous and impossible-to-assemble model from
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I'm totally with you. Paper-replika does papercrafts without even thinking about our fingers :(
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A nice and simple design, well done.
Much better than this tiny little thing posted on
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Dude, that thing is amazing. I'm building it right now, and it's pretty damn cool. You got every texture perfectly.
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thank you my friend, alot of work went into this. its nice to see people enjoying it!
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That's some nice work.

Do you have a "compacted" box version?
Perhaps in a standard box shape?
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OMGosh this is so cute! I'm gonna make some for my son's friends on his 6th birthday. Thank You for the papercraft! Your AWESOME!
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