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Who here uses instagram or tumblr? and what are you user names? I don't think anyone reads my journals anyway but if you happen to what are they?
I don't know what has happened with Deviant Art, I guess its still good. I been with it almost 8 years now and it really just seem to favor the same old people usually in America and direct traffic their way. I think I can get over looked a lot but then again there hasn't really been much keeping me here. It was great at the start before everyone was on facebook and it still offers much better facilities to exhibit my artwork.
Facebook has been good for every other person that may not even be interested in art, most people are on it but sometime it can get a bit quiet and boring so I have some days resorted to generate my own content. Then again then there are somethings that I just don't want to so to certain people like my relatives so I only add people I know and some relatives but not all.
I've also joined instagram recently because I found that with the filters you can sometimes even post your crappy photo and it really still looks passable. Anyway I don't want to mention my name on it, because sometimes it's also fun not knowing and if you really want to see it you can try hunting it down. I already have a few photos up there. One thing I've noticed I don't think anyone views them or anyone will really. I've also have tried their explore page and that also seems to show the same images randomized but repeated.. Then when you actually view the images they have already been flavored about 9000 times. Pretty like your facebook viral posts(or what ever you want to call it). Which is crap, it might be interesting to see some of the other image that are actually random. I guess that I also probably don't know how to use instagram and actually draw views.
Any suggestions?

Oh I use the Samsung Galaxy S3.. But it's currently back at samsung for repair. It works great just something broke on it and I cannot hear anything through the speaker or the other bluetooth car kit.. So it must be some component damaged on it.. Almost been a week with out the phone and it's really hard.. So many things I use the phone for.. I s4 to come out so I can buy it.. But I hope I'll never need to have that phone repaired..
I'm in Karlovy Vary atm. 3 days left here before I visit Prague and go home in a week. I been really sick first week I got here so new years in Slovakia was a bit of a waste. I was also down to my last $13 in the bank.. Now atleast got my holiday paid out from work.
Otherwise going ok....
Karlovy Vary is now just full of Russian tourists for some reason. I don't think it was like that last year. But then again alot of things here closed last year..
Well I been hoping to all year. I fly back out to Europe tomorrow for 3 weeks.
I think worst thing is Friday I tried to buy the tickets the price jumped as I was ordering about $300 so I decided against travelling.. Then at night it dropped again so I bought it.. Tomorrow I'm leaving.... So much to do... So little time... :-(
Well its been horrible this year and so I'm trying to get away from it all for as long as I can.
about 2 weeks left and wandering where to go? first option was Jakarta. but thats not happening anymore.. I think I'll try Europe again..
I really need the holiday, but still not sure...
Finally dragged out my camera again after all these months and finally did a photoshoot... and I think it went all well... just some stupid police officer stopped me accused me of speeding then gave me a yellow sticker... now I got to get my car inspected and the worst thing is that everything that the police office found wrong with the car isn't even wrong.. well only my parking light globes had died..
Well looks like I was a bit optimistic.. Was supposed to do a test shoot in a few hours, but no surprises.. the model canceled.
I guess it's lucky it was only a test. I need to find a reliable model, I don't think its going to happen in Perth. I think it has been over a year now since my last photoshoot. I have got some really good plans in the works.. just still got the problem finding a model I guess.
Well, I think I might just be making a return soon.
After all these months of nothing, it looks like I finally may have found someone to model for me this weekend and I really hope that she will turn up for the shoot. So this weekend I've got a test shoot planned. Then if everything goes well I've got a much bigger photoshoot in the works that I can use for her. But we'll see how the test shoot goes.
I also hope to be developing and doing more work from copper and to use it for my photographic work..
Just when I was about to completely give up on photography. But then again I don't want to speak it too soon.
The other girl I used for pretty much most of the shoots (I don't want to use her name) that you can see in my gallery. I don't think I will be working with her again, she did have her forth baby a while ago. But I just don't know what happened with her in these last few months she got pissed off at me for some reason, I think I know why but it was all down hill and its just the situation why its not being resolved.

In the longer story that is my Life, I have this year finally started to do an electrical apprenticeship. It being the only way I can get an electrical licence. So basically got about 3 years left of that and then I should be a qualified electrician. However in the mean time I'm still at the bottom end of the food chain and so far this year I been working in a factory going crazy, it's pretty much like a prison. I pretty much don't even get to see any women all week. But I guess over all when I'm licensed I'll have a more reliable income finally.

Also I think I'm developing some sort of a sleeping disorder after my previous 3 years for working the grave yard or just regular night shift. I think it's really starting to comeback now to haunt me.
On the other note I think I've just got the hang of riding a unicycle. I got it 2 months ago just and been practicing for about an hour a day. And now I've almost got the hang of it. next step after that is I learn to juggle chain saws on it.. :P

So to sum it all up I'm stuck in a hopeless situation with a bit of hope..

Just one more thing extra, usually at the end of the year I usually buy with my own money 12 month DA memberships to several people who I think really need it. So if you are in need of a membership don't despair just keep on creating the work..
I don't think there will be anything new photography from me. I have been trying for months now and I don't know what has happened. I cannot get anyone at all to work with me. It's like I've insulted someone and now no one will even try to work with me.
Worst thing is I'm close to turning 30 and hitting new lows.. Just everything is crap now.
Well it been about 4 years now and I'm finally going back to Europe next week. No plans really, just landing in Prague then I got 2 months before its back to work. I haven't really had a holiday in ages and my photography has been slowing down in inspiration. Anyway I'll try to post stuff here again as I go..
FUCK YOU Deviant Art. For Changing mine and every ones Avatar.
Well currently I didn't get any comments yet on it and I'm out of money and out of space for it so tha't why I'm selling it.

One of a kind design that cost me a lot of time and money to develop. The lamp was exhibited at a furniture expo in Melbourne last month. Now it's finished so I need to get rid of it.

The major idea for the lamp is that it uses a new high power 12Vdc 10Watt LED and is made cooper and aluminium. The copper just helps a little with the heat distribution. Being made out of non translucent material the lamp developed to produce a good distrabution of light that is not too bright for the eye. Appart from that it has been certified by an licenced electrican.

Reflector Lamp01 by ksphoto Reflector Lamp02 by ksphoto
Well I don't think anyone even reads my journals anymore. But I'm currently in melboure for about an other week just exhibiting my table lamp. I would post up a piture of it however for some reason I currently am unable to post anything on here. I just set up the lamp today. I don't think that it's anything that exravegent. I am also total out of money otherwise, the credit card is maxxed out and the bank account is empty. just waiting for my pay to come in still.