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This is not normal!? .....
        I knew it would be a mistake ... 
           we did not have to do it ... 
                in the world and the universe are all connected ... 
                       it was necessary to stop all this experimentation, self-support on the basis of LCL
____________________________________________________________________________________::connection interrupted:::
thank you !for  all !for your attention to my work :) I really appreciate your attention!
come soone new 3d toy model :)
hello all! :) I hope to create the new model of the robot toy to the end of 2012. something the Soviet Gundam :))))
Hello all! German robots come soon! pyrotechnics and other ^__^
new model come soon,tomorrow :)
and on the street frost! -29C Celsius!!!! Where are you fucking Santa! I put the injections of antibiotics... I hope all viruses and bacteria are victories! Today I do not have a temperature twice he set himself injections in the ass! oh yeah! hurt. even a little work. will soon be ready a new 3d model. all health and longevity. yes where is Santa?! kick his ass for that cold! :)

а на улице мороз! -29С по цельсию! Где же ты санта мать твою! я ставлю уколы антибиотиков... надеюсь все вирусы и микробы будут победены ! сегодня у меня нет температуры , два раза ставил себе уколы сам в зад! о да! больно. даже немного поработал. скоро будет готова новая 3д модель . всем здоровья и долголетия. да где же это санта!? надрать ему задницу за это мороз!
как же мне надоело болеть..., надоел север и зима . снова бронхит . чувствую себя лягушкой зимой. постоянно хочется спать. работоспособность плохая . нет сил на творчество . где же таблетка от мофеуса и выход в матрицу...а на улице все так же снег и мороз

how sick I am tired ... tired of the north and winter. bronchitis again. feeling quite a frog in winter. always want to sleep. performance is poor. no power on creativity. where is the pill mofeusa and out into the matrix ... and the street was still snow and frost
1 month in deviantart yehaa (^_^) 2,000 pageviews total and 72 deviations  viewed 23,136 times!!! thanks
Hello everyone! I finally recovering... quietly began to prepare new 3d model for plastic toys. Soon another new character heavy soviet cyborg submachine gunner! :)
tired as a wolf.... but happy! soon my new 3d work
ho ! ho! it's time for the steel infantry!
in heavy armor and more ... Marines soon! in the wake behind the robots.
I got the secret blueprints enemy and started building!!
(stolen drawings and ideas from myself of course) ^__^ ....
I crawl back to bed with red eyes from the monitor.....
work goes. carry the gear and the hot metal! so be prepared to a new robot!
day has passed ...
3d model new built badly.
probably not a good day for me ...

but I had to fry a barbecue!!!! chicken wings.
chicken wings in soy sauce and tomatoes. delicious (^_^)

may be the fault of the poor radio Lounge
not helped me chocolate! Yes, probably because robots do not eat it... 0__0
I hope tomorrow I will eat inspiration. and I will work faster with interest...
I hope tomorrow will also connect to the matrix yee!!!
Another day has passed...
                                    Another robot was born ...
                                                                        in the eyes of flying crazy polygons ...
                                                                                                                            I'm tired like are horse....

time to sleep and gain strength...
                                             to create again and again....a new model of the robot toys!!!!  (^_^)


end of data__________________________________________________________
прошло уже полторы недели которые я посвятил новому проекту.
впервые выпала возможность сделать серию прототипов для пластиковых игрушек.
их больше двух десятков! я счастлив как ребенок :)
причем все они носят исключительно фантастический характер.
солдаты-киборги , роботы, шагающие боевые машины .
исторически они связаны с Россией. альтернативной вселенной и историей.
на данный момент уже сделал 4 модели роботов.
надеюсь получу разрешение на публикацию .
и смогу с вами поделится!
да прибудет с вами сила стали!


it's been a week and half that I have devoted a new project.
for the first time had the opportunity to make a series of prototypes for plastic toys.
are more than two dozen! I'm happy as a child :)
all of which are extremely fantastic.
soldier-cyborgs, robots, walking war machine.
historically they are connected with Russia. alternate universe and history.
currently already made ​​4 models of robots.
I hope to get permission to publish.
and be able to share with you!
yes you will arrive with strength of steel!
hello all :)
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