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L: Natsu… when you defeat zeref .. you.. -you will…

N: Will I have the power to protect the ones I love?


ahhhh the feelings in the last fight killed meeeee (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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I love the way you draw the natsu's hair, and making him look like he's lost in thought ^w^
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This is so beautiful I can't even 0.0, you're an incredible artist <3
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Please do more Fanarts. I Litterally Love all your creations, you are so fucking good. I like so much Fairy Tail and when I see your fanarts about it I explode, Too beautiful. Thank you!
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I'm a comic book lover, specifically anime and manga. Initially I thought of a comic book course but I wondered if it was as complete as one of illustration or animation.
Is the figure of the cartoonist equivalent or different in abilities compared to an illustrator (perhaps in coloring, in drawing and digital painting, in perspectives, in poses ...)?
Can a cartoonist use colors, paintings, illustrate, animate or make concept art / character design for video games? Or is it easier to vice versa, ie for the illustrator to try their hand at making a comic?
The courses are varied and interesting, such as: concept art and character design for video games, animation, comics, illustration. 
But which one to choose? Which course gives the most solid base so that you can then range in other fields with practice? Is it better to start with a traditional or digital course?

This picture is awesome!
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so many questions haha x'D I just draw anime & manga as a hobby x3 I've never done any art course so I can't answer your questions .:sorry bunny:. 

thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart: 
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Uuuuuuuf.... I LOVE this image.... I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! You are great. THE FEEEEEEELS!!
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thank you soooo much!!!!Racing Girl Emoji (Rolling) [V3] 
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I'm listening to "Boku to kimi no lullaby" and looking at this picture.
I'm not crying. You're crying.
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ahhhh this is absolutely gorgeous, I'll have to catch up with the last season when I can!
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thank you so much !!! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Sho lovely) [V2] absolutely !!! x3
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So many feels, not just because the last fight in Fairy Tail was a killer, but because this artwork is so gorgeous!! Faint 
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ahhh Thank you so much !!! Pikachu crying <3
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o WAW i would love to se a vidio of how you draw that is AMASING :)
and tha fact that i live NALU makes it perfect.
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I actually have a youtube channel where I uploaded speedpaints x3 the link is in the description :D Sadly the videos are really old now ( 1 year ago) I really have to record new ones xD haha Thank you so much Fox emoji - hearts 
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Haven't commented on twitter but this is truly gorgeous!! ^ o ^ the mood here is amazing, so sad and intense ♥
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Racing Girl Emoji (Rolling) [V3] ahhh thank you so much !!!Panda Emoji (squee) 
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Ah, Fairy Tail. This show was a guilty pleasure of mine for a WHILE. I'm experienced enough now in the world of anime to be able to pick and choose better shows to watch, but Fairy Tail, DBZ, and One Piece will always have a place in my heart.
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Aww, it's so beautiful :heart:
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Thank you so much !!! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
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This is awesome !!!I loved fairy tail when I was younger and still do UwU
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