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I'm too lazy to close this account! That would be work!
I haven't been fond of DeviantArt for quite a while now and I'm likely to close this gallery down just as soon as I stop being too lazy to do it. So, not any time soon, apparently. In the meantime, the main thing I'm doing is working on a game, so you can read about that here:
I surf around DeviantArt a lot and not once -- not once, I say -- have I ever seen anyone actually putting a webcam image under "Webcam."
I've uploaded a bunch of old comics, mostly based on obscure scenes in video games, that had formerly only been posted on my LiveJournal. So they're not technically new -- but if you haven't read them, they're New to You!
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Hmm, I don't really seem to use this journal, do I? To the extent that I post stuff it's generally over on my LiveJournal. But I would like to mention that this coming weekend, my sister and I will be participating in the 2007 Madison Walk for PKD, raising money to find a cure for polycystic kidney disease. If you'd like to help out, this link will bring you to our team page where you can make a secure donation. Every little bit helps find a cure to a truly awful disease. We thank you for your support!
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