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Stand Alone

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Finally, after years of stalling, I am watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. And it is so awesome. I literally am having trouble sleeping simply because of how incredibly cool it is. So just on general principles here's a picture of the Major.
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To be perfectly honest, I'm more interested in the "After years of stalling" comment than the image itself. SAC and 2nd GIG were great, I thought the SAC movie should have been longer.

Nice image though.
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I basically forgot how to watch TV over the past decade or so, so I had to have someone put a metaphorical gun to my head and force me to watch SAC. But I'm glad I did!
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The 2nd season isn't quite as fun in my opinion. Original SAC is a work of art, down to having f'ing Yokko Kanno composing the music!
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It's tricky. Season 1 had more cool stand-alone episodes, and the Laughing Man was a brilliant concept... not to mention rather prescient. I was absolutely blown away by SAC2's storyline as it evolved, though, and the way it kept raising the stakes and still all held together in the end.
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I actually haven't finished SAC2 yet. The spoilers all seem to be telegraphed a mile off.
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Hmm... If you haven't gotten too far into it yet, you should definitely continue. SAC2 unquestionably does start slow.
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lol i had the same reaction too
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