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Mass Effect: The Baaaaaand

By ksleet
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"It's 83,000 light years to the galactic core, we've got half a tank of Element Zero, it's dark out since it's always dark in space, and we're wearing sunglasses."
"Hit it."
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So, were the new model SpaceX's in early this year?
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Aaaahhh the blues brothers the good old days.
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Blues brothers was so dang funny
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This is great, I can almost see the normandy doing some rediculus stunts and masses of C-Sec officers saying "hut hut..." when they move.
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Ahaha, Blues Brothers reference FTW.
PirateRose's avatar
woot woot.

Best band ever. ROCK HARD!
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It's too bad that Garrus and Tali are the only returning recruitable Squad members.
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I don't get the refrence =(
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now this is just epic :lol:
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Best one I've seen.
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That truly is priceless.
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Wooh! Awesome. Those are the two I always bring with me.
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Awesome XD the only party members you need with you
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So the Normandy is the space version of the Blues mobile? Makes sense when you think about it.
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I love this so much, I'm gonna have to do a blues brothers style cast run down of ME2 :D
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You forgot a suitable referense to "one pack of cigarettes"
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They can sing Liara the Looter.
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Garrus: We're on a mission from God!

lol, hilarious!
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