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Mass Effect: She's a Sweetie

By ksleet
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Next time hire your lawyer more than three minutes before the trial, Tali.

(Edit: I can't believe I forgot her little microphone light thingy. Oh well.)
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XxGeekRose2xX's avatar
Shes a cute little sweetie heart! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! XD 
Sithking-Zero's avatar
Also, isn't Shepard supposed to be wearing a helmet on Flotilla ships?
korandragonkin's avatar
she is to awesome to care
Sithking-Zero's avatar
But... Diseases! Alergens! Migrant fleet dying from plague!
korandragonkin's avatar
she dosent give a shit
lordxeras's avatar
I lmao'd at Tali facepalming.
Sithking-Zero's avatar
Admirals: "Tali'Zorah, we were going to just exile you. But because of your defense, we're going to sentence you to exile, then death, then exile again."
Tali: "You said exile twice."
Admirals: "We know, we don't want your ghost near ours."
Tali: 0_o
RobHazelnut's avatar
If only there were a sweetie exception to the treason statute. Ah well, at least Tali got to hear her shout!
Sithking-Zero's avatar
Isn't Shepard supposed to have her helmet on in the Quarian ship?
NanQuan's avatar
There should be a rule like that lol.
Sam1234299's avatar
:rofl: If I was Tali, I'd want to be exiled now.
Nocte-Vagus's avatar
Rofl! That would be a great option. ^_^
XPator's avatar
Shepard! The only Commander who's as good a diplomat as she's a dancer! *Badoom-tchi!*
JohnnyDepp-Fan's avatar
hahahaha i love it :XD:!!! there should be a sweetie exception :XD:
PirateRose's avatar
Shepard doesn't need a microphone in this scene anyways.

She yells loud enough.
After a hard fight retaking the Alarei and extended period of blood loss and overdose of pain medication, Shepard takes the stand as Tali's councilor. Seriously, I can understand getting rid of the health bar was to immerse the player into the game, but it seems really unrealistic that you can bleed more than ten gallons in a fire fight and still stay on both feet. But yes, there should be a sweetie clause because Tali is the sweetest of them all. And she has a shotgun.
Nick wouldn't have changed anything.
GamerKale's avatar
Of course there's a sweetie exception. There's always one of those.

And if there's not, there's always the bullet to the brainpan clause. What you haven't heard of that? Here I'll explain...
Legendblitz's avatar
She's lookin at one hard exile
Aoirann's avatar
I remember shouting "Objection! That was.... Objectionable" during that scene.
StravenLite's avatar
DUDE! LOVE IT! It made me laugh! Keep the good times coming!
Maelora's avatar
This is hilarious.

And yes, headbutting krogans aside, Paragons are much more badass than renegades.

Renegades just punch the reporter - boring. Paragons can recite the name of every damn ship the Alliance lost to shut her up.
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