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September 11 attacks

World Trade Center
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I remember seeing the 2nd plane hitting the towers on the news and the south towers collapsing :(
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We will never forget that day, I certainly won't.
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sad day. I fucking hate conspirascy theorists. They dont know what its like to be in that  day. No matter what happened, it wasnt a inside job and terrorists did it.
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:Crying: :sad: . But Good work on it. Man I wish that 9/11 never happened
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great work dude

you can almost see the passport of one of the terrorists falling down, just before they found it ...
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I really like how you portrayed the 9/11 attack - the explosion seems to be so out of place from the clean, perfect buildings; i bet that's what people felt like moments before they saw buildings collapse
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we will remember your honorable lives forever
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...yeah, that wasn't a neccessarily happy time.
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Beautiful and tragic.
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how does this not have a DD yet?
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Maybe because of the tragic/controversal feel of that event. People aren't quiet fond of remebering that day but what can we do. What happened in the past happened and nothing can change that no matter how many times we wish for it. The best thing we can do is honor the lost and the brave. This art is a good render of that reflection. It can be painful to recollect like the Nazi holocaust but it's history that can never forget.
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I don't think my "speech" deserves an applause.
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Ah, well I liked it. It just seems like a message not a lot of people understand at this point...
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Yeah. I know.

Guess that answers why the WTC in Modern Warfare 3 game was removed despite it being untouched from all that warfare between US and Russia; which is fictional.
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Huh, never knew that-
-the more you know-

Yeah, we humans are the epitome of hypocritical.
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That I understand and see about humanity everyday.
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Awesome Work !!!
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A minute of silence for all the victims...
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that day was so sad :'(
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How 2 tiny planes caused these 2 giant buildings to fall ... ridiculous . anyway great drawing.
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