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Sorry for the inactivity. Been busy in school and I guess I don't really like deviantart that much. Oh well, if you want to find me, just visit my website as I am always active there.
To all of the rabid fan girls and fan boys of the vector-grunge brushes, here is the creator of the brushes giving a holler after years of absence! So hello darlings! I didn't come here and update anything in my DA because I was busy in school and stuffs and designing for a friend's website. But here I am to tell you that I am not dead and I will be designing more of the brushes like the vector-grunge brush I used to design years back. Hey, I don't want just that vector-grunge brush to be a one hit wonder so I am making more. The problem is, I wont be uploading it here! I will be uploading it in my new web site that is So why don't you guys give me a visit! More brushes with high quality better than grunge brush will be uploaded there. And if I have the time, I upload it here too but I won't to make my site as my first priority. So guys, go and visit my new site and drop comments if needed! Go,go,go!!
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Hey guys!! As you can see, I am a newbie here in deviantart. So, I am not really that active but I will keep on submitting cool brushes and arts here. Will submit new deviations soon. One of the purpose I join DA is so that I can meet a lot of cool graphic designer and befriends with them. So, don't hesitate to watch me and add me to your friends list. Hehehe!!~~ I am more on the Photoshop resource designer so I will be submitting a lot of resources such as brushes, textures, etc... So just watch me if you want to know what I will be uploading next. In the mean time, I won't be that active because I got an important exam coming up this 12th November but I'll just submit some of my old works and resources here. Have fun and enjoy!!~
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