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Vorta Conky and Tint



--- English ---
My Conky (top) and Tint2 (bottom) config, made to match up Vorta Suite from Fratrip.

Just copy and paste the folders and files (except the ReadMe :D) to your home folder, restart conky and tint, and enjoy.

- The gmail script was (I think) originally made by lyrae.
- The NowPlaying code is for Decibel Audio Player.

Don't forget to show hidden files :D

--- Français ---
Mes fichiers de configuration de Conky et Tint, qui vont avec la Vorta Suite de Fratrip.
Il faut juste les copier dans votre dossier personnel.

- Le script Gmail est de lyrae.
- Le bout de code Now Playing est pour les utilisateurs de Decibel Audio Player.

N'oubliez pas d'afficher les fichiers cachés :D

--- Changelog ---
v 1.1 : minor modifications, personnal parameters deleted
v 1.0 : release

--- Links - Liens ---
Fratrip's deviantart
lyrae's profile on
Decibel Audio Player
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the conky theme is great (the first that works with compiz on mint :D) but i dont like the ಠ at the end... you can remove it with an hex editor, just delete the last 0A