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Pipci HDD

A single hard disk drive icon. There's not much more to say about it.

The icons come in .png, .ico, .icns and .svg file formats, from 16px2 to 512px2.
As usual, source files are included. Read the license before using the source files.

Any suggestion is welcome. Feedbacks are appreciated.
I can speak French, English, a few German and a very few Chinese : feel free to comment using one of these languages.

v 1.1 - January 12th, 2010: svg files fixed
v 1.0 - December 17th, 2010: first release

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Harenome Ranaivoarivony Razanajato aka ~Kshegzyaj
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Thank you! I used them for my hard drives shortcuts in the taskbar. Beautiful design, simple and elegant. 
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great find!...would love if you had a design for DVD and USB drives.. ;)
Je n'arrive pas à l'installer et je suis sous windows xp
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great job...!! actually i was searching entire website to find the most great icon for hdd.. (^____^)
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So mine is the best ? :D
More seriously, I've seen some amazing icons out there, but sadly, very few of them are designed at every size from 16px to 512px and in true vectors.
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Beautiful work, and it's very cool of you to share it. :thumbsup:
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Very nice! I already have :+fav:-ed it. So, can't :+fav: it again, he-he. :)
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Ah ah! Thank you for your support :)
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Très propre! I like it :)
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Wow, Amazing job man!! thankz for zharing
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I absolutely love this. Great job!
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Thank you! It pleases me to read that you love it :)
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