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Young Justice Thumbnails

Short term job at WB Animation between The Boondocks season 3 to 4.
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Amazing choreography.
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:D  That is so cool!  To really see a part of how it's put together.. Sometimes we forget how much work goes into these shows.  This is really great.  :)
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i love the fights that you put together sssssoooooooo badass
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God Like!!! and straight up one of the best sequences of that season hands DOWN!! sucks ass it got hit with the cancel though.
Neri-O's avatar
Awesome dynamic poses <3
NiseiNinja's avatar
Really awesome thumbs! I'm always blown away by people who can stage action effectively.
MareniusArt's avatar
What motion! Just following the slides really drew me into the action!
rufftoon's avatar
As always, very dynamic poses, great cuts, and love those foreshortenings
Mondomanusa's avatar
wow this is amazing to see!!
OrangePopFox's avatar
Your storyboards are just my favorite ever. I love your action sequences sooo much!
Lowis13's avatar
I am totally overwhelmed with so much knowledge and technique! where do you get these sequences and movements? videos of real?
ronsalas's avatar
Do you get any notes on choreography or are these all up to your discretion?
Brolo's avatar
Just watching this work I have the best class I could get. Really amazing
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Backflipsimmons's avatar
Spectacular! What is your favorite animated series? I mean which do you think has the smoothest animation.
imamiewha's avatar
this is spectacularr...!!!
kaitsuart's avatar
oh God, this is really cool fighting scene.. I might learn one or more from this
razoremblem's avatar
Season 4 of boondocks?!?!
TheUncleblaze's avatar
thanks for showing this its awesome!
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