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Best fighter ever!!!
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Better than Muhammad Ali?
Kinda crazy how you THINK you are prepared and still never see IT coming.
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This is FN spectacular.
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fffcking awesome !!!
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he was a pure and natural fighter - the worst thing they ever did was teach him to box.
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very good sense of movement and energy..reminds me of afro samurai action scenes
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How did you get that blur affect aside from using a little bit of P.H.?
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YOU need to become a teacher, I can really learn from you. Also i really want to get better
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this is amazing on so many levels!
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That's insane. love it.
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Maybe the greatest Boxer ever! It is really a shame to see him today and what happens to him :-(
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Tyson will always be my favorite boxer. Wicked work bro:):beer: !
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Punch so simple it turned 8-bit.
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love tyson... id have to say anderson silva is the best fighter ever tho
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hmm now i wanna see silva vs. tyson!!
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Amen, to that. Boxing, kickboxing, grappling, Thai boxing, checkers, go fish, dominos, hand puppets, or bake sale. The story ends with someone eating a knee or stif jab and someone standing over you waving a flash light in your eyes.
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