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LOL Darius fan art

Just fan art. 
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Holy shit man this is AMAZING!!!
yasuo gank team plz
I saw this picture pop up in a BrickyOrchid8 video and it stopped me in my tracks.  That face looks so insanely like my friend Scott that it makes me curious if you used a picture of him when you drew this.
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BEAUTIFUL!!! I'd like to see how you draw his brother Draven.
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LMAO dude, Modern Warfare Remastered basically ripped this…
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Very realistic facial features and very detailed armor. I'm super impressed. Absolutely amazing work.

But Darius's hair is a bit longer and has a widow's peak... Don't ask me how I remember... I mained Darius for 3 years...

Seriously though, you should work for Riot (are you?)
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That is brutal! Lets avoid an axident here!
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this is great
but dont feed darius please
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look at his face? he's already feeded 
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yes, full stacked i think :D
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Oh my god this is amazing! I'm always so pleased to see characters like this come to life with grace.
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Just wanted to say I am a huge fan and absolutely love the work you do. I saw the recent video as well that you directed for Riot and it was amazing!
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HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS. This is amazing. I main Darius. I have been maining him for over 2 years now. With well over 1000 games as him. This is the first time I've seen someone do justice to him. Thank you. Thank you so much.
This is truly spectacular! I'de like to use this as a banner on my Subreddit. If you're okay with this, (we would most certainly give you credit,) you may contact me via email! Lolhelloimharvey at gmail

Amazing work,

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Just fan art? THIS IS PERFECT
That is awesome.
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This is EPIC!! Great work! love the lighting/shading and how you brought Darius to life here.
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