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vampmasta's avatar
Хоспаде, как же красиво то
HugoPetrus's avatar
Awesome stuff, man!
CharlieRadosna's avatar
Is it just me seeing things or did you really manage to put quite a bit of sarcasm into this piece. There's no way this can be random, or a doodle, for that matter. Well done anyway, thanks!
Teach my your ways~!
AldySyaoran's avatar
Lol the epic one n only...trump face like a troller
WallaceWest's avatar
That Trump face is spectacular!
johnamenyah's avatar
You! You sir are a drawing god
sakpalamey's avatar
Please remove the women from the picture or Trump will grab them by the pussy.
aleigh-farris's avatar
All of your work is just pure talent dude. Love seeing it.
Guts-N-Effort's avatar
Fortunato-Sors's avatar
Hatch game STRONK!
White-Rose-Brian's avatar
Look at that face in the middle. Isn't that the face of a wannabe god-emperor?
IncubbusTR's avatar
I guess he is reigning now lol.
Koocka's avatar
You misspelled reigning god-emperor.
AnonymousModel's avatar
Wonderful!  Doodle me!  :D
AgostinoF's avatar
Wonderful...I'll keep watching the magic of your work!
M41C0N's avatar
Beautiful hatches.
Julien-Bernard's avatar
Simply brilliant, would be glad to reach that powerful level of contrast, that rendering is excellent!
MichaelCrichlow's avatar
Fantastic work, mate. Very cool! :D
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