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Bruce Lee-2

Wow!!! I'm kind of surprised that there still are so many fans of Bruce Lee.
Yes, I'm still a fan. but, not as crazy as I used to be.
It's been a while you know.:)
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I can't watch... Deleted ?
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Is the image broken for anyone else but me?
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It's broken for me too, I don't really understand what's causing it
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Okay, I just had to know because it used to work (I fav'd it) and now, despite the two different computers I've tried viewing it on, it refuses to load.
Yet I see it's getting a good amount of daily views without a single mention of it being invisible, so I was wondering if I was the only person missing out.

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Its broken for me too :(
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I think u like mma and kongfu
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the stick fighting scene in Enter the Dragon was really good ... I remember this pose
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I always have been, and always will be, a massive undying fan of Bruce's. Have been since I was five and first discovered him. He has changed my life.
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Love it. Big FAn, and i was born on the same date as him :) Nov 27.
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Love to have a large copy of this hanging in my livingroom. You're so accomplished!
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every one who sees him in action at that time are still a fan i think.
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Yep! Yet another Bruce Lee fan right here!
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but i am still crazy... of bruce lee and dragonball z
Oh my god! It's AWESOME!! Chuck Norris can beat God? Okay, Bruce Lee BEAT Chuck Norris! Because nobody can defeat Bruce Lee!
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i am 13 and i will forever be a bruce lee fan! and this art piece is awesomeness. very well done

BRUCE LEE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Damn, this guy is awesome!
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I srsly thought this was a photo when i clicked on it O.o
amazing work!
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