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Game Demo - Islands of Calamus by KSchnee Game Demo - Islands of Calamus by KSchnee…

Here's a basic game demo about sailing and exploration. You have a ship that goes through a surreal, unmappable ocean to random islands where you do a series of skill checks, which give you gold and skills. I envision this becoming an Android game that you play for just a few minutes at a time. It's inspired by a game called "Seedship".
Right now there are a few slightly meaningful choices in the game:
-Aboard ship you can accept the island you've reached, or keep going. The only real difference is a difficulty modifier. Because the ship has a limited water supply, it's a gamble: do you take that +0 difficulty island or risk being forced to accept a +2 island if water runs out?
-On an island, the goal is to get 3 "progress". You return to your ship with whatever gold you've found. But if you get 3 wounds, you lose any carried gold. Do you pick the choices that risk more wounds, to get more gold?
-On an island, you can gain skill points by failing. Do you seek out challenges where you'll likely fail?

Possible upgrades to this idea:
-Imperfect info about islands, eg. your starting spyglass gives you an unreliable estimate.
-Meaningful differences between islands, eg. battle-heavy ones vs. survival-themed.
-Little dungeon events with their own set of encounters.
-Ship upgrades that give you things to do aboard. Eg. you spend a day (ie. supplies) to try catching fish or consulting charts or relaxing. Upgrades mostly require finding inhabited islands.
-Hull damage that's tracked like wounds, forcing you ashore or wrecking upgrades if severe.
-Meaningful sea events like damaging storms, sea creature encounters, or other ships.
-A simple battle system suitable for a few Android clicks.
-Long-term character changes besides gaining skills. (*cough* transformation)
-Crew who can do skill checks for you

It occurs to me that the UI for Android might need to be different; I haven't looked into how to do that (particularly for different screen sizes) beyond trying to install the relevant build tools.

I want to keep this pretty simple; it's kind of a practice project. But it should still be complex enough to be fun!
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Hrm? Oh, what? Nothing.

Nothing I assure you.

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Interesting! Sounds like a more complex version of Lost in the Jungle.
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