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At a convention called Megaplex I ran a Fate Accelerated (FAE) RPG session with a lot of players, around 6. A few people were already familiar with the system. I used "It's Not My Fault!", a system of cards for rapidly generating FAE characters... and adventure setups. I gave the party several cards each from three decks, to pick one or two from each, to decide what was going on. They decided they had woken up bound to some sort of evil altar, being harangued by the dark priest, and were about to have the Cage of Blood descend on them.

The party rapidly got their way out of their bonds by lockpicking and by bribing the nearest guard, while fast-talking the priest about the reason they were there: another card saying "The princeling you were supposed to protect has wandered off." The priest agreed to let the PCs go for now if they could find the lost prince within a day.

So, the party was released into the city, whose name I made up on the spot as something like Mireport. They soon decided to talk their way into inspecting the missing prince's room for clues. Given the evil altar business, I said that it was decorated black, with sorrowful clothes and a lute and candles.

Then, the orc/barbarian/vampire PC decided to "interrogate the lute". He paid a fate point to help define a detail of the story, so I agreed that this is an enchanted lute that can talk. I had it speak of sorrow and hatred and the band known as the Dark Stars, in which the prince performed. I suggested that the heroes track them down to their swampy lair, which would be some kind of dungeon crawl in which they would find that the prince had been talked into coming along with a shadowy cult for their edgy rituals.

The party decided instead that they would impersonate the prince and put on a heavy metal concert to lure him and the Dark Stars out of hiding. There was the little problem of making a suitable impersonator. No problem, said the players, and worked together. They got the Amulet of the Weeping Eye and a black cloak from the prince's room, gave the goblin artificer the evil lute, and had her build an elaborate mechanical disguise with automatic string-strummer. Unfortunately the lute's influence hit her with a Depressed aspect.

The concert started well, but then a demon got summoned in the audience area by the cultists who'd infiltrated it. The heroes fought them while the fake prince dueled with the real one, causing the lute to explode and slam the goblin into a wall. The imposter used that chance to slink away, which conveniently left the real prince in full public view. The heroes were set free, making off with the Weeping Eye for the thief.

It was a fun session! I tried to do some voices this time but don't recall if I did much gesturing. So much of my roleplaying/GMing is online that I don't automatically think to do physical acting at the table. The players came up with some ridiculous ideas that made the improvised session more fun. I only ran one real fight, and with my very limited selection of tokens/markers I couldn't do a detailed description of the battle zones. I had an evil mob that was probably too powerful, a base power of 5, but it did force the players to stack up advantages to defeat it -- and the demon. Doing improv GM limited what I could prepare, but in hindsight I should have had some sketched-out dungeon rooms/zones that I could use for whatever purpose I needed. Maybe an antagonist or two I could re-skin as needed, using the Adversary Toolkit. I had more players than I'm good at giving attention to, so next time I'd like to limit it to 4-5. (As a Pathfinder player this week I was in a group of 7 and didn't feel like I could do much.)

FAE lent itself well to running something that relied on character interaction and encouraging players to do things besides hit the enemy. The players figured out teamwork using the Create Advantage action and did some cinematic fun stuff that I tried to play up in narration, like leaping off the concert stage with a big sword.… (there's also a fantasy add-on) (click OK a few times to see what it does)
Here's how my GMing experience with the Fate Accelerated game system went down at Megaplex!
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Always a fun time when you can defeat the bad guy with the power of Rock! :D
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