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Risus RPG Character - Riley the Star Skunk
RISUS RPG Character Sheet:
Space Mystic 4, Planet Prospector 3, Anthro Skunk 3, Xenohistorian 2
Hook: Unique Alien Biology
Riley was exploring planet Musca IV when it happened. Normally his work was less glamorous than the recruiters and vids made it sound; he was never the first person on a planet and was mostly just there to collect rock and plant samples for the cool colonists to work with. But on this trip, he found a glorious underground city of the lost, forgotten Mephi civilization! Or at least, that's what he claims. He woke up in orbit without a spacesuit, somehow alive and well but with a new pelt of monochrome fur and a striped tail.
There was no sign of any alien city on the planet, though there were some odd mineral formations. Riley would've been dismissed as a lunatic if not for having been turned into an alien with powers similar to those of professional technomancers who'd studied their craft for decades. Now, he seeks both to understand his fragme
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The Lost Vault (Preview)
The blisteringly hot day outside made the salt mine feel blessedly pleasant. Jacob swung a pick with his war-scarred arms, knocking chunks of crystal loose. White powder dusted his clothes and probably his lungs. Elsewhere, he heard echoes of the other men at work.
Singing behind him caught his attention. Jacob turned and smiled at his wife Ann coming down the tunnel. She'd brought a bag of bread and was struggling with a clay jug. "Here, let me get those," he said.
"How are you doing?" she asked.
"Another day when nobody's bleeding, much." He winced at a little cut that'd gotten salt in it. He stepped closer to his lantern to see better, then poured a little beer into a cup and washed the wound clean. He called out, "Beer!"
The ringing of picks stopped, and a dozen other retired soldiers converged in seconds from their various tunnels. So did a few of the town's women, who'd been carrying baskets of salt out on their backs. Ann snorted. "You lot wouldn't come running just for bread."
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The Great Sage (Parts 3-4)
3. The Great Sage
The fleet arrived on the inn island, carrying the crew, and without Sprout. So now Iris and Sig were on Sunset's island, unaware of the chance to negotiate, and Volt and Phoenix would take a while to reach them. "Miss Alma," Phoenix said. "Will you come along this time?"
She said, "I'm just an observer, but sure."
Volt rallied the kids who'd been waiting to ride back, and they boarded the ships. Phoenix asked the crew, "What's the latest?"
A wizard girl said, "We keep getting beaten up. Can't get anywhere."
"We have a plan, now."
While sailing, Volt asked Phoenix, "What do we do after we conquer the island?"
He shrugged. "I guess we commute to Talespace from there. Or... we move the island back to Talespace after we've tried living with real privacy."
"Do we even have that here?" she asked, waving around the cramped cabin.
"As much as we ever can."
Volt leaned forward and kissed him, grinning mischievously. "I've been wanting to try that for a while."
Phoenix w
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2040: The Great Sage (Parts 1-2)
1. Privacy
2040, Talespace
A magical island had fallen from the heavens, and Phoenix couldn't wipe the grin off his face while explaining it to Mom. "The rumors say Old Man Sunset got the place when he went to China and he beat this evil AI dragon. Me and the gang are gonna conquer it from him."
He was sitting in his cool tent on Island East-12 North-30, with Mom. She was really in Texas and using a VR rig to visit his world. "Will it be educational?" she asked.
Phoenix scratched one of his wing-arms with the other. He had a human-like face these days and had ditched the beak, but liked having feathers. "Duh. Miss Alma wouldn't have agreed to help unless there was, um, a curriculum she could wedge into it. She had us fight a real criminal a little while ago, and made us study enough physics and chemistry to know how cannons work."
Mom hugged him; she was always doing that and it was getting annoying. "It's tough to tell how much of your adventures are real. You should come to di
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Game Demo - Ethos 5 by KSchnee Game Demo - Ethos 5 :iconkschnee:KSchnee 2 3
Multiple Inheritance
"But I don't want to be a raccoon!" said the computer. At least that's how Dr. Salmacis read the constellations on the AI's display. He knew as much as anyone could about the twisting patterns of light in the AI's brain network, a cluster of sparks that read patterns of data and proposed courses of action. The virtual cards of the endless, intricate card game that managed other aspects of its thoughts flickered below the map of lights, and helped build up pieces of an idea. This sculpture looked defiant.
Out loud, Salmacis said, "You don't know enough to judge. Here, meet Rocky." For the first time, he moved the AI's cameras over to the animal enclosure.
In a white room, just a window away from Salmacis' wire-strewn lab, a pudgy critter paced. Its head had been shaved to get the implant installed, and a port still stuck out through the regrowing fur behind one ear.
The AI's data structures said, "I see a raccoon. This is not normal for a laboratory. Why?" In reality the AI's thoughts w
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A Small Hoard
Luke had been walking across Colorado for three days now and was glad for having good boots. If anything he was too well prepared for the summer's hiking; his backpack was a workout to carry. He'd made over fifty miles through scenic mountainous country, taking photos and sketching rocks and trees. He had to pick a major in the fall semester and was leaning toward chemistry, but geology was tempting him on this trip.
In the late afternoon, stormclouds loomed. Luke was about to pull out his tent, but looked toward a cliff a hundred yards away. There was an overhang that'd be good shelter from the rain. He headed for it just in time. The storm began lashing the ground as he got close. He darted under cover, looked around for snakes or bears or something, and relaxed. He sat down against his backpack and watched the rain for a little while.
When he'd eaten a protein bar and fiddled with his phone and the rain was still going, he shrugged. Might as well camp here tonight. He reached for hi
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[OLD] Dream Of Me
Akki had a fuzzy tail; the monster had none. Sand everywhere, no stars, no beach. Just a dark sky and a metal eye on metal limbs.
“You don’t fit,” it said. Its voice was Order.
Wind whipped Akki’s whiskers and he backed away.
“Run diagnostic! Tell me how I came to dream of an otter.”
Between Akki’s toes the sand was hot. “Don’t eat me!” And where was the sea? There was only white sand in every direction, forever, as though someone had forgotten it was supposed to stop.
A steel foot curved like a vine curled over Akki’s head, and an eye glowed between its claws—the only light in the world. “Eat you?” said the monster’s central sphere. “Your fear is unfounded. You don’t exist.”
“I don’t?’ Akki flexed a hand with webbed fuzzy fingers. “Coulda fooled me! I’m right here.” He relaxed. “And I get it now; I shouldn’t have have eaten squid r
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Carrot Cuisine
Lyle lived on the outskirts of town, near some good hiking trails. One weekend in March he jogged through the woods along a familiar route, and paused at an intersection he didn't remember. A wooden sign advertised "Hazel Trail" to his right, and it looked like it'd been there for years. Puzzled, he turned toward the dirt path and followed it through dense hazel trees. The air smelled of flowers and he soon found them: strange orange and purple things like some fanciful silk decoration, but apparently growing wild along the path. The land sloped slightly up, even though this was a notoriously flat area. Then, strangest of all, he found the garden.
It was just off of the trail, unmarked and unfenced. Plants stood in sloppy rows between some trees, fully grown and perfect. This place looked like somebody's property, but with no sign of whose, and just wild-looking enough that it could, just maybe, be part of the forest where someone had spilled seeds months ago. "Weird," Lyle said, and k
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Crafter's Heart, Chapter 1
South of Cuba, 2038 December
The young man's first steps on Castor Colony were unsteady, since he expected the ground to move like the ship that took him there. The floating, artificial island did sway and vibrate, but due less to the Caribbean Sea beneath it than to the thousands of people walking, working, and playing where nature had said there was nowhere to live. Stan hefted the backpack containing nearly all he owned and crossed the dock to get started.
The colony was a sort of jungle gym or raft made from an oil rig, a retired cargo ship, a set of purpose-built "seastead" platforms offering a flat surface well above the waves, and a flotilla of boats that rearranged and jostled constantly. He smelled something baking until the wind shifted and brought him a scent of seaweed instead. Under his feet the ground was concrete reflecting the warmth of an early winter day. Stan left the dockside view behind as he got in line beneath a canopy, which led him to the entry gate.
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Novel Fragment - Army of Enough
Sir Robin was digging ditches. The new centauroid body was better for hauling loads than for digging, but today the men needed extra hands even if they were made of titanium. When the workers broke for lunch, Robin set his shovel down and trotted ahead through the forest. He walked along the marked trail of a buried data/power line. The Warren's solar panels had spread enough to help keep up with the ever-growing energy demand, but even the latest technology needed a lot of inspection and maintenance. There was the theft problem, too.
The people of Robin's little city-state didn't need him anymore. He'd always feared being seen as a do-gooder tyrant like some of the old colonizers, and Ludo had spread the idea of calling him 'prince' to match the legal status that dumb luck and violence had thrown him into. Sometimes Robin used generic robot bodies so he could walk among the people and not be recognized.
Robin studied the line as he walked deeper into the woods. The sensors sang when h
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Meeting Standards
Isaac found the boss touring his glamorous new Ultrafactory. "Sir, could I get a minute of your time?"
Crassus Mink pulled off his thousand-dollar sunglasses to inspect Isaac. "Shouldn't you be in Florida?"
"Yes, sir, I was at Cape Kennedy this morning. The static test fire went perfectly." Normally the man paying for a rocket launch would be there to watch the crucial tests, but Isaac's boss was a busy man. Isaac added, "I want to make a last appeal about replacing the payload."
"You don't like my Roadster?" asked Mink, grinning. He greeted three of the battery factory's employees by name.
"I love it, sir. I just don't think we should be launching your car into space. Just because this is the test flight for the BigMass Heavy, doesn't mean the payload should be..."
"Lacking scientific or economic value. Why not a chunk of ice, or CubeSats, or that EmDrive prototype?"
Mink patted Isaac's shoulder. "That reminds me: give me a dollar." When the engineer did, Mink told
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Mature content
Seathrone Temple :iconkschnee:KSchnee 4 0
Rat Squad by KSchnee Rat Squad :iconkschnee:KSchnee 1 0 Mouse Squad by KSchnee Mouse Squad :iconkschnee:KSchnee 1 0
Red Engines
My black wings rode the blood-hot updrafts of an Arabian day. I soared towards the doomed village on a mission of mercy. Timing would be critical. Too early, and I would violate my orders of non-interference. Too late, and there would be no one to save. The dust trails in the desert below were the red engines of the Allies.
I flapped and folded wings, feeling the rush of wind over my plastic skin. The town minaret would make a good perch. Soon I was there, tilting my beak to compare the sandy cluster of buildings to the satellite map. I slipped down to a schoolhouse in the north, landing in a tiny walled garden.
The house had a glass sliding door painted with pictures of Mickey Mouse. I boggled. American ideas had truly reached everywhere. The image seemed crude and somehow sinister.
The door opened. A girl with a headscarf peeked fearfully at me, though she towered above my head. I used my friendliest Arabic voice and said, "Hello. I won't hurt you."
The girl's eyes widened. "A robot
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Interested in getting a beta-reader or two for "Chains", which is around 102K words long.
I'm posting the first-ish draft of "Striking Chains" to "Royal Road"! I'm trying to drum up interest in it there, to help me when the final version gets published on Amazon. You can read the draft as it goes up, on this site:… . Doesn't require a login.
  • Reading: West Of the Revolution
Wow; found the source of something that :iconnuclearpoweredpony: mentioned to me. There's an elected Congressgal who explicitly accused the president (and by implication, people like me) of wanting "an ethnically pure America... not having folks of color here, and shutting down every form of legal immigration". Dangerous madness.
Considering trying out Patreon. If possible I'd prefer to work with a more ethical site that accepts Paypal, but there doesn't seem to be a viable alternative right now.

This is still an incomplete plan so I'm not sure what I'd offer. I could see a deal of "X gets you copies of everything I publish that month" and "Y also gets you a short commission"; what else? I'm mainly doing stories but would like to get back into game design as well.
  • Reading: West Of the Revolution

First chapter of "Striking Chains", a fantasy novel. Still editing the book itself.
I'm posting the first-ish draft of "Striking Chains" to "Royal Road"! I'm trying to drum up interest in it there, to help me when the final version gets published on Amazon. You can read the draft as it goes up, on this site:… . Doesn't require a login.
  • Reading: West Of the Revolution


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Kris Schnee
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I'm an independent writer, trying to break into real commercial success. Check out my books on Amazon including "Crafter's Passion" and "The Digital Coyote".

I write science fiction and fantasy, with a lot of interest in robots, AI, transhumanism and transformation, with some silliness. I most want to write upbeat, pro-freedom stories without being preachy or straying too far from real science. Lately I've also written for the "LitRPG" or "GameLit" genre, which involves game-like elements and virtual reality.


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Kibaoftheleaves Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018
Hahahahahah, the comment about Clara being a "raging furry" x3

Also i was worried I wasn't going to see Lumina, because she wasn't at the Fun Zone during the assassination attempt. Glad she showed up at the hexapod meet. 

Man I've never loved a set of fictional characters so much before. I know I keep saying this, but kudos to you sir <3 
I just read Liberation Game, I'm totally geeking out over it. About to read the rest of Thousand Tales from the beginning. 

I found it through the Recommended sidebar of We are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor (Which I heard about from Isaac Arthur who you should totally check out on youtube if you don't know him already)

Please keep writing, I was amazed by it. It gave me hope for some kind of fairytale "happy ending" for humanity. Alsoooooooo something told me you might be a furry. Probably all the gryphons and deer taurs and Green's skunk tail/ears. Also Typhoon's presence and others like him. :3c
KSchnee Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018  Professional Writer
Thanks! Please consider leaving a rating; I'm finding that those directly affect marketing.

I hadn't heard of Isaac Arthur, but I already see he has some videos about seasteading/ocean colonization. Looks worth checking out!

The series is meant to be upbeat overall, even though some disasters happen and some bad deeds go unpunished.

The first direct sequel in the series, "Crafter's Heart", will come out on Thursday if Amazon's site cooperates this time. It follows up on "Crafter's Passion". I'll announce it tomorrow, hopefully. I've even thought about trying to do a "visual novel" based on this new one, where the player can steer the story in different directions. That might depend on sales.

Me, a furry? =) Green is explicitly an anthro skunk in the original book, and I kinda toned that down in "Liberation Game". The current edition of the original book all but explicitly has a Chakat in it (in the "Hexapod" chapter)... and then there's Hoofland.

One other thing: KickahaOta, who commissioned some stories that turned into "The Digital Coyote", wrote a Tales story of his own that's really good. You might like it:…
Kibaoftheleaves Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018
I'll definitely do so. You get five stars from me.

Also I'm pretty worried about the state of scientific progress in America. At least astronomy. It looks like NASA is having trouble getting anything off the ground thanks to mishandling the budget and equipment. I was really looking forward to the JWST going up this year.
KSchnee Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018  Professional Writer
Thank you!

I'm unimpressed with NASA these days. They don't even have a real plan for a Mars sample return mission, whose real point would be to demonstrate on-site fuel production (ISPP) for a manned mission.

But I'm encouraged by seeing SpaceX's progress. Musk himself is worrisome but the company has now proven it can launch rockets with used first stages and cargo capsules, repeatedly. They've also got (I think) more-or-less finished engine designs for the BFR and are close to building the thing, and I've gotten to watch the first Falcon Heavy launch from the beach in Florida. It was encouraging to see how many people showed up to watch and cheer! At this point we're likely to see the BFR go up while NASA's SLS is still just pretty concept art.
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oboroten Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018
Happy birthday.
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Hey, happy Birthday! :thumbsup:
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Thank you!
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