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The Dragon Pass by KSchnee, literature

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The Dragon Pass by KSchnee, literature

2036: The Creed by KSchnee, literature

The Tyranny of Pants by KSchnee, literature

The Transformation Trainee by KSchnee, literature

2039: Cat's Paw by KSchnee, literature

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I'm an independent writer, trying to break into real commercial success. Check out my books on Amazon including "Crafter's Passion" and "The Digital Coyote".

I write science fiction and fantasy, with a lot of interest in robots, AI, transhumanism and transformation, with some silliness. I most want to write upbeat, pro-freedom stories without being preachy or straying too far from real science. Lately I've also written for the "LitRPG" or "GameLit" genre, which involves game-like elements and virtual reality.

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Writing, AI, Politics, Science
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BLG7PVM8 My novel "The Rising World Company" is out! This is a sequel to "Rising World", the story of a modern engineering student who's sent to a fantasy world and becomes an inventor. He uses magic crystals for steampunk engines, and researches airships and machine tools along with spells. This sequel let Vonn go on some longer trips and begin having a larger influence, along with picking up from last book's cliffhanger. It was humbling to notice at the end that I'd used the word "just" over 300 times and most could be cut easily! Had some fun trying to work a "Wavebound" cameo into there. Something challenging during the revision was how to add some more action to the final chapters. You can also find the optional side-story "The Purpose of Wings" at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X6K7T7F/ . What's next? I haven't done short stories in a while. I began poking at a "Wavebound" book 7 but would like to try something short before getting heavily into that.
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Two of my books are free through Monday! They're from the "Thousand Tales" science fiction series, about liberty, AI, and games. Readable in any order. Fairwind's Fortune: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079KZVZKS 2041: Root Access: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09Z9VFMFS "Fairwind's Fortune" involves a woman suddenly offered freedom from all responsibility, who isn't sure what to do with it or what will make her truly happy. (See also "Crafter's Passion" for how her story touched the life of a young man living under the Social Credit System.) "Root Access" is a story of creative freedom, and people who can't stand the thought of anyone having a dissenting opinion. Looking back on the series, I want to draw a clearer distinction between two meanings of "transhumanism". I meant, "wouldn't it be cool if we had AI companions and seasteading and the option to become immortal cyborg shapeshifters". Those in power mean something far worse. As written, the books do talk about how tech doesn't fix
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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BHLL49H On sale this weekend: "The Dream of Aveire", my novel of starfarers who terraform worlds for art. I'm proud of this one for having competing factions desperate to preserve what they consider important, while being tempted with valuable things at a price. They do shocking things without being evil, for reasons important to them. It was inspired by an image done partly by CobaltOwl (on FA): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26825854/ I'm having to rethink my "transhumanist" fiction like this, in light of how the concept is becoming linked to high-tech tyranny. Even so, these characters do have a conflict between central planning and freedom, safety and the chance to explore, and questions of when advanced technology makes people better off.
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Hey Kris! Stumbled across your profile and wanted to ask for a request! Or, do you only do commissions? I'm kinda poor...

But! The character I would really want you to write about is my OC Voidwalker. He is a gryphon, once a human, who tortured himself with his discovery of Interdimensional Travel. Once he landed in his persued destination, letting out a breath that he hadn't gone insane, he was cursed to become a gryphon by a traitor that he trusted. Now he walks with the voices of the people he had left without a word behind, crying and torturing him with their misery.

His appearance as a human is a white space-casual suit that he had made to not be pulled apart by the gravity of the dimensions, and to look casual once he reaches inside a dimension. Blonde hair, and a scarred face, with worry lines and dark bags under his eyes from hours of sleepless travel. But his gryphon form is different, scarred and ripped scales and dried tears on his beak. Bloodied eyes and a broken mind. Black feathers and fur coat him . If you ever do this, here's a backstory. If you do, I'll be delighted to see how you pull it off. Thanks!

Hello, and thanks for thinking of me. I generally only do commissions rather than requests. This one... Well, I'm not in a great mood lately, and am not eager to write something depressing. So I'm probably not the best person to write this one. Thanks though!

Yeah sure! Can you recommend someone that could do it though?

Hey there, Kris, my name is Ryan and can I ask you a question.
Well Kris, are you making any requests or not as I got one if intersted to hear.