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:iconksandork:Ksandork posted a status
Princess Iphigenia
"And when I grow up, when I grow up
I will be brave enough to fight the creatures
That you have to fight beneath the bed
Each night to be a grown-up!"

("WHEN I GROW UP", from Matilda: The Musical)


This week's challenge on 2Minds FB group was to create a "champion" based on one of the gods they listed in the challenge, and make it look like a "splash screen art" from "League of Legends".

Following my choice last week ( ), I made a champion of Artemis.

King Agamemnon offended Artemis by killing a sacred deer of hers, and Artemis stopped the winds during the Trojan Wars, making it impossible for the King to attend the war. To set the winds blowing again, Agamemnon was comanded by a seer to sacrifice his virgin daughter, princess Iphigenia, to Artemis.

In some versions, the girl dies in the sacrifice, and in others Artemis saves her in the last minute - and that's the version I went with. In my "headcanon" for this art, Artemis saved little Iphigenia from a terrible destiny, for she was only a child (Artemis is the patron not only of hunting and animals and the moon, but also of childbirth and children), and raises her as one of her companions and turns her into a warrior in her name, teaching Iphigenia archery and giving her the hability to summon animals' spirits on her command to help her out. I chose the deer and the bear, for both are favorite animals of Artemis, besides hounds.

Enjoy! :wave:

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