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z7+b 3D fractal 2

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z^7 + b type 3D Mandelbrot fractal
Used global illumination shading algorithm
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splat? splash? splooge? spectacular!
Doodle-Dictator's avatar
Fractals are some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and this one blows all the ones I've already seen out of the water completely.
Scaborous's avatar
that's just stunning. I'm completely speechless.
LyzTyphone's avatar
Grandiose! Magnificient!
silencefreedom's avatar
nice shading, I love the color. How did you make it so damn high quality?
KrzysztofMarczak's avatar
It was rendered using pre-rendered slices. This quality is thanks high-resolution slices (3,3GB RAM), high value of maxiter (256), many interpolations for avoiding aliasing, ambient occlusion based on 160 rays, and very LONG rendering time.
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thanks for the info, I might improve mine a bit up...
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this is a step further regarding fractals rendering.
One of the best thing I saw here on DA.
I don't like this img... I love it!!
KrzysztofMarczak's avatar
Thanks for comment.
I'm not only one who renders 3D fractals. Please visit very interesting forum [link] for more information about 3D Mandelbulbs. I'm also reccomending to visit another profiles on DA, for example: [link] or [link]
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Fantastic work.
rotane's avatar
Are you kidding me? This is unbelievable!
what was the rendering time?
silencefreedom's avatar
must be around 20-30 hours
fullerenedream's avatar
BTW I followed the link from Fantastic.
lyc's avatar
very nice work! :D

i'm rendering this very same fractal too actually, it will be ready once i've had some sleep (5:30am here)
B-OaNa's avatar
so cool!
i like it!
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