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Volumetric light 6
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Published: August 7, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 KrzysztofMarczak
Image rendered using Mandelbulber 1.06

Because of light effect, rendering time was about 30 hours!

Mandelbulber 1.06;
image_width 3840;
image_height 2160;
view_point_x 1.073226898679462;
view_point_y -1.855147595516025;
view_point_z -1.1380555569250981;
angle_alfa 20;
angle_beta 20;
zoom 7.8124999999999996e-10;
perspective 1.2;
formula 12;
analityc_DE_mode 0;
DE_factor 0.80000000000000004;
ambient_occlusion 0.69999999999999996;
ambient_occlusion_quality 1;
glow_intensity 0;
ambient_occlusion_enabled 1;
coloring_random_seed 536585;
coloring_speed 0.10000000000000001;
post_fog_visibility 115.90000000000001;
post_SSAO_enabled 0;
main_light_alfa 2.4434609527920612;
main_light_beta 0.52359877559829882;
main_light_colour_R 50515;
main_light_colour_G 54378;
main_light_colour_B 59644;
IFS_scale 3;
IFS_offsetY 1;
IFS_offsetZ 1;
IFS_absX 1;
IFS_absY 1;
IFS_absZ 1;
IFS_menger_sponge_mode 1;
IFS_0_x 0.80901699437494756;
IFS_0_y 0.30901699437494751;
IFS_0_z -0.5;
IFS_1_x -0.5;
IFS_1_y 0.80901699437494756;
IFS_1_z 0.30901699437494751;
IFS_2_x 0.30901699437494751;
IFS_2_y -0.5;
IFS_2_z 0.80901699437494756;
IFS_5_x 0.70710678118654757;
IFS_5_y -0.70710678118654757;
IFS_5_enabled 1;
IFS_6_x 0.70710678118654757;
IFS_6_z -0.70710678118654757;
IFS_6_enabled 1;
IFS_7_x 0;
IFS_7_y 0.70710678118654757;
IFS_7_z -0.70710678118654757;
IFS_7_enabled 1;
hybrid_formula_1 8;
hybrid_formula_2 34;
hybrid_formula_5 0;
hybrid_power_1 -2;
hybrid_power_2 0.90000000000000002;
hybrid_cyclic 1;
view_distance_max 33.503198229931797;
linear_DE_mode 1;
volumetric_light_quality 0.5;
volumetric_light_intensity_0 30;
volumetric_light_enabled_0 1;
penetrating_lights 1;
Image size
3840x2160px 14.73 MB
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very nice, please help me to instal it on my mac ;)
KrzysztofMarczak's avatar
KrzysztofMarczakHobbyist Digital Artist
Try to talk with :bermarte: ([link]). He made mac port for Mandelbulber. I think he will help you.
electronaut's avatar
Brilliant !

Rewelacja fav poszedł ;)
KrzysztofMarczak's avatar
KrzysztofMarczakHobbyist Digital Artist
junkdogAP's avatar
Wow! Definitely worth the wait imo.
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EllygatorHobbyist General Artist
Spectacular sense of depth!
hyakugojuuichi's avatar
The volumetric light really adds to this scene, excellent stuff.

I've been somewhat reluctant to leave renders going for that long due to the electricity bill, my computer likes to feast on power at full load. I just rendered this scene to the point where the first elements of the image appear to get a rough render time estimate... 10 and a half hours apparently, still a bit long and I'd have to leave it running over night!
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ArtisticLicenseNowHobbyist Digital Artist
hmm it's getting to be like terragen :)
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MarkJayBeeProfessional General Artist
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VickyM72Hobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant! :#1:
wolfwings1's avatar
how did the light rays work? :>
KrzysztofMarczak's avatar
KrzysztofMarczakHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm filling my computer with fog. Next I'm putting some bright lamp behind the monitor, and we have this effect =D
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skyzykHobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant. :)
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quandry247 Digital Artist
:+fav: fantastic

been avoiding 24hr + renders. maybe I shouldn't

Where is the best place to give user interface suggestions for mandelbulber?

KrzysztofMarczak's avatar
KrzysztofMarczakHobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes it's worth to wait a long time.

About suggestions please write at [link] or by sending private message
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