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Equivalent for Minibrot area but this is z^6+c fractal.
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Don't mind me, I'm collecting "Favourites". But I do have a purpose. One day I want to make my own computer game if I can. First I'm going to build up a portfolio of the game: plot from start to finish with 2 alternative endings, sketches for the main characters/races/places, some soundtrack music (a start at least from my own compositions) and ideas for skills, weapons, level-ups and gameplay.

The reason why I'm collecting some of your pictures is that I already have in my mind what some of the landscapes in my game's world would look like, and your work (and the work of many other artists here on DA) sometimes resemble those places. It's my hope that in the process of my game - if ever I could approach a developer and gain employment on a living wage - that I could draw together the talent of various artisans. So I'm keeping an eye out for anyone that looks like they already make the sorts of things I'd be after either as a basis for the game's landscapes (inspiration to whoever can do those sorts of things in a game) or might be able to do that job themselves.

Anyway, that's why I'm adding your stuff to my favourites! :) I hope to at some point spend some real time going over them all and thinking about which ones by who work best for the different places in my game. :) Then I'll start contacting people if I can actually offer them something concrete. In the meantime though... I'm moving house and finishing a PhD. So it might be a year or two from now!