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Elements Assemble! Chapter 6


Elements Assemble! Chapter 6

Chapter 6 After unpacking and getting settled into her room, Flurry was ready to go see the sights of Ponyville. Spike walked her through the town, showing her a few spots she hadn’t been to yet. They didn’t stop at any of them since they were going to meet the teachers first, but Spike promised her he’d take her to them throughout her stay. She kept getting stares of amazement from random villagers. They were friendly; though Flurry was getting a little tired of hearing them refer to her as “your highness” over and over again. It only reminded her of the things about home that she didn’t like, but she did her best to be nice to them and just wave back politely. “Princess! So nice to have you here!” said one stallion she walked past. “Oh, your highness! Welcome!” said a mare on the other side. “Getting a little annoying, eh?” Spike said to Flurry. “A little.” she replied. “It’s okay. I know they’re trying to be nice.” “Well anyways, I think that about does it for the more


Here comes Fredbear

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Hhhmm... Not much to say about myself, except... Hi. I'm Mark. XD

But really though... I'm a single bloke who has very good drawing skills in cartooning. I love to listen to bands like 'Young Guns', Tenacious D, Rammstein and a hint of Skillet. My greatest interests are seasons such as 'Transformers: Prime/Animated', My little Pony: Friendship is magic (yes! I'm a Brony. Deal with it. :XD: And don't hate me, but I like Equestria Girls as well. ^^; XD), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Hero Factory and even Ghost Adventures (hosted by Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin). Seriously, it's an awesome series! :D True, I don't fully believe in ghosts, but hey! It's still great. XD

Oh, and you should know, I am a MASSIVE Dinobot fan! :iconepiclaplz: I certainly look forward to seeing them in action in the new TF Age of Extinction movie. :D

I even have this homemade Transformers series going on in my head right now: Transformers: Burning FuryFormerly known as 'Transformers: SAGA'. Burning Fury is a series in which I've had an idea of in my head for quite some time now. :) And right now, I'm currently rping about it with my friend Delita-1. And it's one way to include some of our oc's without any of that 'Mary Sue' nonsense. I mention this to you now, because I've had the idea of designing some of the characters, starting with the lead one; Orion Pax. :) And right now, I'm getting to work with designing Bumblebee. :D (I've done that now, along with quite a few more characters. :meow: See below to take a look)
Upon crashing on Earth millions of years ago, Bumblebee is the first to wake among his fellow off-lined Autobots and invading Decepticons. His first and only option is to seek help from any of the planet's locals to seek a solution for his friends' revival. The first he comes across is local High-School boy, Gary Matthews, along with his friend Gemma. But asking for their help
Feel free to voice your opinions on that one. :)

Anyway, I hope you like my stuff, such as my fan art and even my ned Lego Digital Designer (LDD) models. :3

Enjoy, fans. :)

Favourite Visual Artist
Not sure, I like all artists!
Favourite Movies
Maybe either Bionicle - The Legend reborn, The LEGO Movie or all the Transformers Movies
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Ghost Adventures, Digimon: Fusion, Transformers: Prime/Animated
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tenacious D, Evanescence, Three days grace, ETC!
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Steven Moffat (all I can think of)
Favourite Games
Lego Batman
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 2 (it's all i have)
Tools of the Trade
............ Pardon? ^^; XD
Other Interests
Mainly Bionicle, Dr Who, TMNT, even Futurama. Though I'm DEFINITELY more of a Transformers fan. :) Oh, and I definitely enjoy YouTubers like Markiplier, Game Grumps, Yamimash, PewDiePie, Egoraptor and JonTron as well! :D

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Great Scott, do I need this upcoming Gigawatt figure really badly...

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Hi friend. Hope you're enjoying your break.
KrytenMarkGen-0Hobbyist Artist

Yeah, I am, thanks.

Alan-G-BrandonStudent Digital Artist

Is there any other chat room we could hang at?

KrytenMarkGen-0Hobbyist Artist

None that I can think of.

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It'll take time. Looking forward to Roleplaying soon.